Give Tribute to Our First Responders

The fourth of July not only celebrates our country’s independence but also should give tribute to our first responders who risk their lives to save the lives of others.

This special summer holiday reminds us of the courage that paramedics show every day. It’s a humbling reminder not to take their work, our safety and the safety of our nation for granted.

Maybe we need to be grateful for our own community police and firefighters who never know what they may be walking into when we call.

Maybe we need to thank our community pastors who are always at someone else’s side.

Maybe we need to shake our neighbor’s hand who has just returned from deployment in the military.

Maybe we need to acknowledge any volunteer who responds to the health and welfare of others and continues to do so even when they themselves struggle.

Maybe we should consider being the first responder to our aging parents who need assistance to manage their affairs.

Maybe when we are challenged with life’s problems and we have a difficult time acknowledging our own accomplishments, maybe we can be the first to respond to others that feel the same disappointment.

Or what about being the first responder to our children who may need our financial protection during the unexpected, including accidents that are covered by auto and health insurance

Maybe we can also be the first responder to the students in our immediate family who may need us to secure life insurance and cover college expenses; making their dreams come true.

And most important, that loving first responder to our spouses who need our compassion and support.

Maybe, ultimately, we should be first responders to better opportunity ensuring our happiness as well as those we encounter, teaching them how to find the same journey.

The true meaning of first responders is your honest commitment to yourself and others and if you can say that about yourselves without regret. This Fourth of July holiday, we give tribute to our first responders.

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