Do You Know Who Is Liable for Falling Ice?

Falling ice is always a concern during a thaw after a cold snap. Either your person or vehicle can be damaged by this very real threat.

In fact, streets around the city of New York were closed one winter season, due to shearing ice. In Chicago, signs throughout the downtown were out last year warning pedestrians of falling ice.

Be aware of your surroundings during this warm-up and notify neighbors of potential dangerous situations as well as building managers that are responsible for the safety of your workplace.  One residential neighborhood in Chicago’s southwest suburbs  posed a threat from icicles developing on gutters over garage doors and entry ways. In a sub-division of 100 homes, a neighborhood group was formed to inexpensively reduce the threat of injury by cleaning up the problem.

Who is liable for falling ice and how does that affect your insurance? If your car is damaged by ice generally you will be compensated if you carry comprehensive insurance. Falling ice and other debris will be covered. If preventive measures and notifications of falling ice from commercial property were not present at the time of the accident, the owner of that property could be responsible for damages.

As hundreds of claims pour in this season, the question is asked if insurance premiums will be affected. There is a potential for increased rates if you have significant claims and premiums are based on the number of claims.

Contact your agent with as much information as possible if hurt by falling ice or any damage due to poor weather conditions. If you can show that damage was caused by a neighbor or property where no warning signs were present of perilous conditions, their insurance may pay so make sure that when making a claim, detail as much information as possible on the location, weather conditions. and how the accident occurred. Take pictures if you are able to do so.

If not covered by life insurance, rates are at an all time low so another area that you should investigate.

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