Haunting Experiences For Families Without Life Insurance

Judy and her husband wanted a family. He insisted on life insurance. They were so young and Judy didn’t think life insurance was that big a deal. They were recent college graduates and had other bills to worry about. Why life insurance?

Nothing was going to happen.

Their daughter was born and, less than a year later, Judy’s husband was killed in an automobile accident. Judy didn’t have a job – or life insurance. If it weren’t for her parents’ help, she couldn’t have survived. Once she was able to get back on her feet? She bought a life insurance policy for herself immediately to protect her daughter.

Cathy divorced after 20 years of marriage and was a stay-at-home mom for two boys. In the separation agreement, provisions were made for child support and maintenance payments because Cathy had not worked in years. Everything looked great until Cathy’s former husband died of a heart attack and forgot about life insurance. Cathy finally was able to get a job to pay for her expenses and what her children needed but had to sell her marital home and rent a small apartment.

He had owned his own business, working from home as the only employee. He had thought about life insurance for his family but his savings were strong and his wife and daughter healthy.

He forgot about life insurance. He was more focused on his business and his health because he was tired constantly. He became forgetful and weak. His business began to suffer but savings kept them going. His wife took a part-time job and because he was afraid for his health; life insurance would be out of the question. He didn’t want to apply – or take a physical. He didn’t know anything about guaranteed life.

One morning, he didn’t wake up…

His family grieved and financially struggled thereafter.

Make sure your family is protected when unexpected tragedy does strike. Even though health issues may cause hesitation in investigating insurance options, guaranteed life without a medical exam can support your family when it comes to final expenses and financial lending.

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