Life Insurance Rates Fall to All-Time Lows; Great Deals Abound For Life Insurance Shoppers

DARIEN, Illinois (February 17, 2016) –, the online, paperless life insurance exchange, announced today the results of a new survey of 50 leading life insurance companies that confirms life insurance rates are now at all-time lows.

“Continuing a 15 year trend, life insurance rates are now at all-time lows,” said Rob Goss, executive vice president.  “In addition to low prices, we’ve even seen a loosening of some underwriting guidelines in recent years.  By providing instant quotes from up to 50 leading companies, and allowing customers to buy online in total privacy, is dedicated to simplifying and speeding up the process of buying life insurance.”

For example, some of the lowest premiums include:

  • A 30 year-old female who stands up to 5’8″ in height and weighs as much as 190 lbs. can now buy a $250,000, 10-year term life policy for only $102 per year.
  • A 40 year-old female with a cancer death in her immediate family history can buy $250,000 of 30-year level term insurance for just $299 per year.
  • A 50 year-old male can buy a $500,000, 20-year term life policy for $924 per year, even if he smokes a cigar during his weekly golf outing.
  • A 55 year-old male whose blood pressure is controlled by medication can now buy $1 million of 20-year term life insurance for only $2,743 per year.
  • A following annual sample annual premiums were obtained from a survey completed by of 50 leading life insurance companies as of February 2016.

$250,000 Term Life Sampler
Female Annual Premiums
Age10 Year20 Year30 Year
$250,000 Term Life Sampler
Male Annual Premiums
Age10 Year20 Year30 Year
$500,000 Term Life Sampler
Female Annual Premiums
Age10 Year20 Year30 Year
$500,000 Term Life Sampler
Male Annual Premiums
Age10 Year20 Year30 Year
$1,000,000 Term Life Sampler
Female Annual Premiums
Age10 Year20 Year30 Year
$1,000,000 Term Life Sampler
Male Annual Premiums
Age10 Year20 Year30 Year

“Because life premiums are at or near historic lows, buyers can now lock-in great rates for their choice of ten to thirty years. And we also offer lifetime policies that feature level death benefits and level premiums for life,” Goss continued.

Economic uncertainties have made the need for basic life insurance more important than ever because personal life insurance proceeds are generally not taxed as income to the beneficiary.

When it comes to life insurance, many U.S. adults are uninsured or underinsured. According to the Life Insurance Market Research Association (LIMRA), a whopping 30 percent of U.S. households (35 million) do not have any life insurance and only 44 percent of U.S. households own an individual life insurance policy. Individual life insurance sales are currently at a 50-year low. advises that it is important to obtain the advice of a competent, licensed insurance agent and have a full understanding of what the conversion and/or renewability privileges are for the policy you are considering.

According to the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education (, the cost of basic term life insurance has fallen by about 50 percent over the past decade.

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Survey Methodology

Fifty leading life insurers rated “A” or better were polled as to how they underwrite breast cancer survivors for a California resident. Rates may differ in New York. Life insurance policies described, quoted, shown and illustrated throughout this press release may not be available in all states. Banner Life Insurance Company, Urbana, MD, policy form ICC08-LIA, and William Penn Life Insurance Company, Garden City, NY, policy form LIA-WP, both Legal & General America companies; Haven Life, a subsidiary of Massachusetts Mutual, Springfield, MA, policy form ICC19PCM-SI 0819; Pacific Life Insurance Company, Omaha, NE, policy form ICC18 A18LYAP Protective Life Insurance Company, Birmingham, AL, policy form ICC12-400 and Protective Life and Annuity in NY under policy form PL-400- NY; Pruco Life Insurance Company of New Jersey, Newark, NJ, policy form ORD 96200-2010, member companies of Prudential Financial, Inc., Newark, NJ; The Savings Bank Mutual Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts, Woburn, MA, policy form ICC17-A-91 (SBLI and The No Nonsense Life Insurance Company are registered trademarks of The Savings Bank Mutual Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts, Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company, Harrison, NY, policy form APA 40NY- 107 and Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA, policy form APA401008T, both AEGON companies. 

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