Why Are Men More Accident Prone During Summer?

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention should serve as a reminder to consumers, especially men, of the importance of investing in a life insurance policy.

According to the CDC website, men are statistically at an increased risk for serious injuries and health problems during the summer months. This is due to things ranging from motor vehicle traffic to poisonings to drowning.

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Working women Have Insufficient Life Insurance

Despite heightened financial concerns for their families’ futures, working women are less likely than men to have adequate life insurance coverage. The sixth annual MetLife Study of Employee Benefits Trends reveals that, in general, female employees who have life insurance own only two times their household income in coverage.

How High Blood Pressure Affects Life Insurance

How High Blood Pressure Affects Life Insurance

It’s difficult for people to prevent or treat a health condition they aren’t aware of. High blood pressure is one disease that seems to be off the radar for many men, according to a recent study.

Data from the World Congress of Cardiology reveals that young, unmarried men are less likely to be aware of high blood pressure and less likely to be getting treatment for the condition than any other population segment.

Prostate cancer treatment

Could Some Prostate Cancer Treatments Be Too Aggressive?

Recent research suggests that some men who receive a prostate cancer diagnosis may be seeking out treatment options that are more aggressive than what they actually need.

Prostate cancer has become more treatable in recent years due to advances in medical technology. However, the American Cancer Society reports that in 2010, there will be more than 200,000 new cases diagnosed, along with more than 32,000 deaths.