How to sell an unwanted
Life Insurance policy for cash

Find out what your policy might be worth

Some Actual
Recent Cash Offers

83 year-old male: $220,000 policy
Cash offer: $100,000

69 year-old male: $500,000 policy
Cash offer: $100,000

72 year-old female: $750,000 policy
Cash offer: $165,000

78 year-old male: $1,200,000 policy
Cash offer: $408,000

83 year-old female: $2,000,000 policy
Cash offer: $400,000

Life Settlement Market Facts

You might be eligible to sell your unwanted life insurance policy for cash. Investor groups and financial institutions are potential buyers of unwanted life insurance policies. But before you sell a policy, consult with a licensed life settlement provider and explore all other options with your present insurance company.

Unwanted life insurance policies such as whole life, universal life, term life, joint-life, last-to-die and key-man life may qualify to be sold. Life settlement transactions are currently regulated in almost all states and nobody should ever sell a life policy if they still have a need for the coverage.

If you are having trouble making your premium payments, it may be possible for you to borrow the money from a bank or investor so that you can keep needed coverage in force.

Owners of convertible term life insurance might be eligible to sell an unwanted life insurance policy for cash and not even know that right exists.

If you are at least 60 years of age and have at least $100,000 of life insurance coverage in force for 2 years or more, please complete our Life Insurance Policy Valuation Request form and we will then have one of our experienced life settlement counselors contact you for a private discussion to see if your policy is eligible to be sold. If it is, we can then estimate what it might bring on the open market. A formal market search to obtain firm cash bids can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days.

If you ask Life Quotes, Inc. to shop the market to obtain cash bids, we’ll check all known funders and buyers of such policies and we’ll show you each bid. We’ll also disclose our commissions to you ahead of time, which typically average around 7% of the cash selling price. Again, with us, all commissions are disclosed up front and there is never any cost to you for us to shop your policy.