Fixed Annuities Can Be a Top Security Asset for Women

Fixed Annuities: A Top Security Asset For Women

But by its design an annuity works a little differently. An annuity offers guaranteed income for life, if you choose it to work that way. And you invest money into it same as you would any other money market account, like a 401k.
This is particularly likely for women, according to a recent report by New York Life Insurance Company, who traditionally endure a significantly longer retirement than men despite weathering the same economic conditions beforehand. The company said that women accounted for 64 percent of customers with fixed immediate annuities in 2009.

Annuities Offer Income for the Rest of Your Life

Annuities Offer a Lifetime Income

Simply, an annuity is a periodic payment to stop at a specific time or date but continue throughout a fixed period. The income paid out may be received annually, semiannually, quarterly and monthly. It depends on the agreement and most chose a monthly payment.