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"I bought a Jeep today...
I cannot thank you enough for
my job in these tough times..."
 -- Life Quotes Agent Barbara D.

"I have to tell you that I have never been happier working anywhere! Everyone is so positive and supportive! I am so thankful that I found this opportunity!"
                         -- Michelle S.

For Independent Agents and Call Center Agents:

Work from home writing life applications for us

True freedom to work the days and hours of your choice...
High Income Potential! NO cold calls...
Work a minimum of 30 hours per week...
No cost to join...

  • It's fun and easy to work our leads using our scripts and procedures.
  • Family-friendly flexibility: Work from your own home or office; work the days, nights and hours of your choice (30 hours min. per week).
  • Our #1-rated, 35-company quoting and illustration system makes it easy to make sales even when health histories exist.
  • Bonus pay! Earn $500 per week during each of your first 5 weeks of training!
  • All leads are fresh from our website and inbound phone calls. We've sold more than 300,000 policies on this system - it works!
  • Plus, you get a dedicated Sales Manager here to assist you with advice and assistance whenever you need it.
Step 1: Take Our Basic Assessment Right Now (takes about 90 minutes)
Step 2: View Pay Plan for Work-from-Home Independent Agents!
Step 3: Download Work-from-Home Application Packet
Questions & Answers
Why are you contracting with independent outside agents to write life insurance applications on your own leads?
We are experiencing increased growth in leads and using independent agents who know how to sell is a faster way for us to meet and handle this demand than hiring more inside sales reps. Second, we want phone coverage on our network during nights & weekends when our in-house agents are not here.
So I can work from home or business the days and daytime hours of my choice? And there is no cost to join?
Correct! You can choose to work the days, and daytime hours of your choice provided you work a minimum of 30 hours per week and produce no less than 30 applications per month. There is no cost to join, but you will have to take and pass a battery of sales aptitude assessments that normally take about 3 hours. Initial training takes about 12 hours total.

So under this program I will be working your leads according to your scripts and procedures on recorded calls. Is that right?
That’s correct. Under this program you will be working our leads using our scripts and procedures on recorded calls. At no time can you offer or cause to be offered any product or service to these leads and all commissions to you stop immediately if your membership is canceled for any reason. Again, ownership of these leads rests with our partners and us and never reverts or is transferred to you. The pace here is very fast and our quality control measures, including call recording and call grading, are very tight, so this program is not for everybody.
How does your pay per submission payment plan work?
Subject to certain defined minimum performance levels, we initially pay you $50 per eligible application written for the first three week. Beginning with your 4th week live we pay you $80 per submission. You must have a minimum 30 application per month to stay in the program. Additionally, we will pay additional bonus incentives based on greater production which is where your higher income potential will come from! In essence we are paying you per submission and bonus' instead of having to wait 80 or more days for a commission to be received. This provides income much sooner and keeps you focused on writing more applications, gettin gmore submissions and increasing your overall production and income.
If you resign or get terminated for any reason, all payments cease as of your termination date. There is no vesting of written applications to you because the leads are all owned by us and our partners and affiliates, so keep in mind that under this program, you are working and selling our leads using our scripts and procedures and that no lead or account ownership will ever accrue to you under this program. See actual contract for more details and make certain that you thoroughly read the Agreement before you sign up or apply.
Who owns the leads that I’ll be working?
The Agreement between us specifies that all leads and customer lists that you come into contact with under this program shall remain the sole property of Life Quotes, Inc. and that you agree to never directly or indirectly solicit or cause to be solicited by others for any other product or service of any kind at any time. So under this program, understand that you will be working our leads, using our scripts and procedures and recorded calls that are graded. This is a very fast-paced, call center kind of operation. It is nothing like selling insurance face-to-face.
How many fresh life leads per day are you now generating as a firm?
Approximately 600-1,000 at present pace depending upon the day of the week. We currently have 10 in-house agents and about 40 outside agents that are working with us.
How long does it take to write a life application on the Life Quotes system?
About 25 minutes per applicant and we require that you talk directly to the applicant when you write an application.
So Life Quotes’ personnel will do all of the case management chores and follow-up for me once the submission is made? After I write an application and enter it in the system, what are my responsibilities? Will I be notified if a submission is stalled for any reason?
Yes! You remain paperless and focused on sales because we’ll do all of the case management for you. After submission updates to the customer (at least weekly) are sent in the case managers name.This way the customer will follow up with our case manager and not you. This keeps you free to continue writing more applications and getting them submitted to the insurance company.

Once you write an application and set a paramed date, time and place that’s convenient to the applicant, you’ll then call the applicant again 72 hrs. before the paramed exam so that you can reconnect with the customer and re-confirm the paramed. While it is your responsibility to make sure an application is submitted to the insurance company our support staff here will do most the work for you. However whenever something required is missing or when information from the paramedical exam reveals the price will be higher than originally quoted you will be notified to ensure submission.
In this model, do I really stay paperless at all times?
Yes! In our model, the application that you enter online is then electronically transmitted via E-mail directly to the customer. The customer can then print it out and have it signed and dated. Your responsibility is to use our scripts and procedures, to give advice that’s compatible with our business model, to write complete applications and to make the required 72 hr. phone call before the set paramed date to remind our customer of the upcoming appointment. None of this involves the printing of any paper at your end and all information that you will need or want will be always ready for you at any time in real-time on your Life Quotes Dashboard.
As an Outside Agent, will I become appointed with each of the Life Quotes companies?
Yes, appointment paperwork must be completed for each carrier and we’ll help with that. We’ll start with our top 5 carriers first and any carriers that require pre-appointments in the state you reside in or are licensed in. This will ensure that you are approved to sell their products prior to submitting business to them. From there, we’ll get you appointed as applications are written.
Will you give me free training to get started?
Absolutely! All Life Quotes Outside Agents are required to attend our training before you can start.

Also, you’ll be trained on using our systems and how to guide the customer on how to complete an application online with you on the call to answer any questions. This is a great way to learn our application process and is a very important step in our training process. Want even more good news? We'll pay you $500 for attending the training and meeting our minimum time requirement for the training period.

Consider it a positive that we’ve sold 300,000 life policies using this system in recent years. This tells you that the system works and that it was designed completely from the ground up from the agent and broker’s perspective. Our quote engine is awesome in that it quotes 30 leading companies and can handle up to 40 common illnesses.
I have never sold term life insurance before. Should I pursue this opportunity with you?
Honestly, no. This program is designed only for experienced term life agents and brokers. We do not have the training resources to teach you the life insurance business under this program, nor can we risk wasting any new leads under this program. We only recommend this system for people who have experience in life insurance sales. In this fast-paced environment, we’ve set as a goal the writing of 4 applications per day for our agents, so keep in mind that the pace is very fast and not suitable for everybody.
I’m already appointed with or under other GA’s or MGA’s. Will working with you affect those appointments?
You’ll have to check with each company home office regarding their own rules on appointments and hierarchies as each company has different rules regarding this. If you are a high volume producer and you have outside life business that you could move, call our CEO Robert Bland at 1-800-556-9393, ext. 101 to discuss how we might work together to increase your compensation.
When I log into your phone system, will I be handling outbound or inbound calls?
Both. Under our system, you will be trained on how to handle both inbound and outbound calls. While on our system, all the calls you make and receive will be billed to Life Quotes, Inc. and not yourself. In addition, while on our system you will appear to the customers to be calling from Life Quotes, Inc.
Are there any ongoing minimum performance requirements that I must meet under this program?
Yes, there are several. See Agreement for details.
As an appointed Outside Agent, will I have an e-mail and voice mail account at Life Quotes? What about other sales support?
Yes. You’ll have the same tools, access to management and trainers that we give to our in-house agents. We conduct continuing sales, education and system training to our in-house agents for 1-2 hours and you are always invited to dial in to listen, ask questions and participate in those sessions. Additionally, your Sales Team Leader can and will provide one-on-one training and support whenever needed or asked for.
Will I be working unique leads or leads that have been sold multiple times?
No!! Our leads are all 100% unique and exclusive to us via our own website or from our business partners, which include the largest direct-to-consumer auto insurer. Generally speaking, we do not buy multiple-sold leads. Our leads are also very highly detailed (please visit and click into our main life quote request form and study it). And as every experienced life agent knows, unique leads are the most expensive. In the last ten years, we’ve spend $105 million acquiring 3.2 million high quality life insurance leads, of which 300,000 of them having bought a policy from us!
As an Outside Agent, will I be required to adhere to your scripts and procedures on all calls and e-mails to prospects and customers?
Yes. We have a very precise business model that all of our agents must follow at all times on recorded phone lines with all calls being graded by our quality control unit. It’s this kind of detail and consistency that has led to our success and we only want to contract with people who know, understand, appreciate and respect our model. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO JOIN THIS PROGRAM IF YOU ARE A FREE SPIRIT OR SELF-PROFESSED EXPERT AND THUS UNABLE OR UNWILLING TO READ AND USE OUR SCRIPTS ON EVERY CALL AS THIS IS A QUICK RECIPE FOR FAILURE IN OUR MODEL
How long does it take to get started?
The current application and acceptance and training process takes about 2 weeks.
What kind of computer setup must I have?
  1. Must have Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  2. Must use Internet Explorer version 9 or higher.
  3. Have at least 4GB for Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  4. We do not support Apple computers.
  5. High Speed Internet with 5 Mbps Download and 2 Mbps Upload Speeds.
  6. No wireless Internet, phones or VOIPs.
Can I use my cell phone to login to your phone system?
No. Wireless systems are not allowed at any time on our system due to poor line quality and frequency of dropped calls.
Can my employees work these leads, too?
No. Only duly authorized, trained, licensed and appointed agents with $1 million of E&O insurance under their own name can work our leads.

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