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good and informative
- Pradeep K., Denton, TX Aug. 7, 2018
Excellent customer service; information was sent in minutes
- Heriberto R., McKinney, TX Aug. 7, 2018
He is very good
- Mohamad R., Baltimore, MD Aug. 7, 2018
Mrs Deborah was so kind and helpful! She answered every question and explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. Very happy with my experience!
- Anna N., Hilltop Lakes, TX Aug. 7, 2018
- Keshia P., Stafford, VA Aug. 7, 2018
Larry did a great job, he answered all my questions, Thanks, Doug Tullis
- John T., Mobile, AL Aug. 7, 2018
very professional and patient
- Lisa F., Covington, VA Aug. 7, 2018
Very helpful and polite.
- Jennifer B., Sugar Hill, GA Aug. 7, 2018
She was great
- Emerson V., Philadelphia, PA Aug. 7, 2018
- Jeffery W., Joplin, MO Aug. 7, 2018
Mrs Deborah was so kind and helpful! She answered every question and explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. Very happy with my experience!
- Bailey N., Hilltop Lakes, TX Aug. 7, 2018
Mrs Deborah was so kind and helpful! She answered every question and explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. Very happy with my experience!
- James N., Hilltop Lakes, TX Aug. 7, 2018
Daniel was very helpful walking me through the process for underwriting and approval, as well as coverage options based on my questions.
- Heidi J., Dallas, GA Aug. 7, 2018
Aaron Blanton answered all my questions and he was fast in sending me all the information.
- Alma R., Mckinney, TX Aug. 7, 2018
He is very good
- Rajaa A., Dundalk, MD Aug. 7, 2018
- Gregory R., Queens Village, NY Aug. 6, 2018
He answered my question thoroughly and politely.
- Robert Y., Bothell, WA Aug. 6, 2018
He was Direct and Professional about answering my Life Insurance questions. Along with giving me most recent quotes and the Companies that offered the quotes I was interested in. Thank You
- Marcus A., Sacramento, CA Aug. 6, 2018
Richard gave very practical advice and pleasant to talk to.
- Patrica J., Port Orange, FL Aug. 6, 2018
Very curteous and cheerful. It was a pleasure
- Ronald T., Wilmington, NC Aug. 6, 2018
We r Soo satisfied talking with David extension 0306
- Jatinder K., FAIRFAX, VA Aug. 6, 2018
Response to feedback. Professional and helpful
- Andrew G., Tuscaloosa, AL Aug. 6, 2018
Joan was thorough and professional.
- Thomas G., Williamsburg, VA Aug. 6, 2018
She was very helpful, professional, and friendly.
- Jane D., Roseville, CA Aug. 6, 2018
Kevin is extremely nice and helpful. Thanks
- Ashley E., Baltimore, MD Aug. 6, 2018
He was professional, and he listened to what I had to say.
- Wesley J., Carrollton, MO Aug. 6, 2018
Very thorough and pleasant
- Tameca G., Greensboro, NC Aug. 6, 2018
- Laura P., Garfield, OH Aug. 6, 2018
Took the time to gather the necessary information to provide an honest and objective quote. Was very understanding and open when working with me.
- Sherri F., Overland Park, KS Aug. 6, 2018
- Sofia C., Silver Spring, MD Aug. 6, 2018
Tiffany was very professional and professionalism was great with me she take the time and patience to answer questions and know how to talk to people I like that very much about her thank you Tiffany for all your sincerity and being patient
- Todd B., Pomona, CA Aug. 6, 2018
Brenda was professional and is keeping me updated on process of the application.
- Sanford N., Floral Park, NY Aug. 6, 2018
Helpful and awesome.
- Christopher S., Huntington Beach, CA Aug. 6, 2018
Deb is awesome. Went above and beyond for me
- Harvey B., Conroe, TX Aug. 6, 2018
Super nice and patient, he walked me through everything.
- Christina N., Nashville, TN Aug. 6, 2018
Very helpful, to the point, organized. Great service
- Ryan F., Dallas, TX Aug. 6, 2018
- Evelio G., Silver Spring, MD Aug. 6, 2018
Nathan listened to my concerns and accommodated me all the while following what appears to be corporate directions. He was very patient with me. I appreciate his professionalism and sense of empathy
- Luc J., Baldwin, NY Aug. 6, 2018
She was very courteous and helpful.
- Justin C., Cape Coral, FL Aug. 6, 2018
Very polite and kind.
- Johanna T., Plainfield, NJ Aug. 6, 2018
Courteous, competent service!
- Ernest V., Weston, FL Aug. 6, 2018
Michael was friendly and knowledgeable.
- Robert M., Fort Myers, FL Aug. 5, 2018
Was very pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable.
- Katherine T., Bronx, NY Aug. 5, 2018
A true professional thoughtful and polite. it wqs a pleasure talking with him today
- Kevin W., Smiths Station, AL Aug. 5, 2018
- Mary Kate K., Spicer, MN Aug. 5, 2018
Fast and helpful
- Jerry H., Shreveport, LA Aug. 5, 2018
You did a great job
- Marie C., Roanoke, AL Aug. 5, 2018
She was easily accessible and very helpful.
- Barbara F., Riverside, IA Aug. 5, 2018
Kevin made me feel that he would advocate on my behalf to get me the insurance I deserve for my family.
- Jessica S., Staten Island, NY Aug. 5, 2018
Kevin is great!
- Joshua S., Staten Island, NY Aug. 5, 2018
He was very good At at explaining the insurance and is patiences was very apperciated.
- Jolanda M., Portland, OR Aug. 5, 2018
Aaron did a fine job. we will talk again on the phone later today.
- Thomas B., Bradley Beach, NJ Aug. 5, 2018
Abigail was kind and gracious. It's been a rough day, yet she was willing enough to suffer through my rush of bad attitude. Lol -Mike
- Michael D., Waukegan, IL Aug. 5, 2018
- Tremaine F., Baton Rouge, LA Aug. 5, 2018
So personable yet professional which made it easy to conduct business
- Detrice P., Clayton, NC Aug. 5, 2018
He answered all are questions
- Josefina A., Fresno, CA Aug. 5, 2018
Aaron was courteous and helpful. Can't ask for more when doing business. Bob Holton
- Bob H., Staunton, VA Aug. 5, 2018
Very friendly and helpful!
- Allison V., Saint Robert, MO Aug. 5, 2018
We appreciate his assistance, knowledge, and friendliness.
- Patricia H., Springfield, OR Aug. 5, 2018
- Melvin I., Sarasota, FL Aug. 5, 2018
He was really nice and helpfull with all the information I needed and questions I asked. Good Job Kevin!
- Claudia G., Keystone, CO Aug. 5, 2018
She was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly
- Donna C., Midland, GA Aug. 5, 2018
Usually people have trouble drawing my blood but not her. Fast and painless- Iím very happy!
- Angie W., Lake Stevens, WA Aug. 5, 2018
- Sharda G., Baton Rouge, LA Aug. 5, 2018
- John D., Richmond, VA Aug. 5, 2018
Karl. Where are we with this? Please call me tomorrow. Richard did well I think, but he did not know what we are to do next. Sondra
- Richard J., Globe, AZ Aug. 5, 2018
You did a great job
- Michael C., Roanoke, AL Aug. 5, 2018
Thank you for your kind service and information.
- Minerva B., Los Angeles, CA Aug. 5, 2018
Working with Ed was great!
- Richard S., Greenwood, AR Aug. 5, 2018
Most helpfull very considering
- Eugene J., Albany, GA Aug. 5, 2018
Excellent customer service thanks
- Travon B., Columbia, MD Aug. 5, 2018
Doing Bussiness through geico agents was good
- Margarita M., Mesa, AZ Aug. 5, 2018
Pleasure to deal with! Gave me figures for a year or so down the road.
- Roderick G., Gainesville, FL Aug. 5, 2018
- Eugene K., Spicer, MN Aug. 5, 2018
Brenda was amazing ! I am dealing with a difficult situation divorcing my husband and trying to get him to get life insurance also . Needless to say heís not always the most cooperative. But with Brendaís help I have it back on track again and hopefully will be able to get the insurance. Thanks so much !
- Denice G., Castle Rock, CO Aug. 5, 2018
Denise was very pleasant and nice...great service!!
- Roxann B., Jacksonville, FL Aug. 5, 2018
Ed is very professional and is easy to work with. Thank you!
- Stephen P., Monroe, GA Aug. 5, 2018
Very helpful information related to being able to pay for my spouses policy with same bank as my polcy
- Keath H., Alton, TX Aug. 5, 2018
Good information about payment options and questions we had
- Claudia H., Alton, TX Aug. 5, 2018
Cherri was very professional, helpful and explained everything as she went through the process. My experience was excellent. Thank you. Mike Bearish
- Michael B., Coopersburg, PA Aug. 4, 2018
Very good feedback and comments during our conversation that helped me feel what I need the most.
- Mark H., Indianapolis, IN Aug. 4, 2018
Kurt did a followup with me on my app and medical eval. He covered all the important facts and worked to keep the record correct.
- William K., Long Beach Township, NJ Aug. 4, 2018
He explains everything very clearly and logically
- Glenn H., Middletown, DE Aug. 4, 2018
Five stars
- Jayasinghe D., Staten Island, NY Aug. 4, 2018
Kirsten was very courteous and knowledgeable. She made me feel very comfortable talking about such an important topic.
- Alessandra H., Oceanside, CA Aug. 4, 2018
Explained my options very clear and concise
- Victor M., Plymouth, IN Aug. 4, 2018
very good
- John L., Bargaintown, NJ Aug. 4, 2018
Rachel was very pleasant on the phone very knowledgeable and answered all my questions
- Thomas C., La Plata, MD Aug. 4, 2018
My agent did an excellent job!
- Jonathan C., Chapel Hill, NC Aug. 4, 2018
Very helpful
- Harold S., Savannah, GA Aug. 4, 2018
Tiffany was efficient and I was comfortable providing her with my information.
- Theresa C., Bremerton, WA Aug. 4, 2018
Excellant service
- Fred B., Winter Park, FL Aug. 4, 2018
- Jason G., Ladera Ranch, CA Aug. 4, 2018
excellent comunication
- Gerson G., Teaneck, NJ Aug. 4, 2018
- Jeffery J., Sanford, FL Aug. 4, 2018
5 stars
- Hendrix J., Dallas, TX Aug. 4, 2018
David was very helpful and did it in a hurry while I was at work with my boss trying to pull me into a meeting. We got through the essentials and business was done well. It was me not giving David enough time to do an excellent job not David so I ranked it because of that. We had been playing phone tag for a couple weeks and finally matched up. I appreciate his ability to hang in there with me.
- Charles S., Anchorage, AK Aug. 4, 2018
Great service
- Xavier A., Chicago, IL Aug. 4, 2018
He was very thorough and easy to understand.
- Altoise S., Wichita, KS Aug. 4, 2018
Mike was very professional he explain the opinions that I had in regards to the life insurance. He listened to what I had to say and answered all my question.
- Martha S., Albuquerque, NM Aug. 4, 2018
Joan is always kind and attentive! Highly pleased with job she is doing!!
- Glyn G., Jefferson City, TN Aug. 4, 2018
Brenda succeeded in answering my inquiries regarding my wife's policy. Thank you for the good service.
- Hui Ping D., SILVERDALE, WA Aug. 4, 2018
5 stars
- David J., Branson, MO Aug. 4, 2018
Larry was very knowledgeable and helpful. I appreciated his willingness to answer all my questions. You guys definitely need more employees like Mr. Larry. Thanks you so much Larry you definitely made me a customer for life.
- Christian R., Santa Ana, CA Aug. 4, 2018
Mrs. Cortes, was very thorough, totally professional and one of the best customer care providers in the business. From start to finish she ushered in my policy, never taking her hands off of the controls! I am very impressed! Warmest Regards, Dwayne Kemp
- Dwayne K., Chicago, IL Aug. 4, 2018
- Clemmie H., Matteson, IL Aug. 4, 2018
She seems nice and helpful
- Annabelle A., Astoria, NY Aug. 4, 2018
Answered all my questions, excellent
- Federico V., Alamo, TX Aug. 4, 2018
Tank you
- Luis F., Stratford, CT Aug. 4, 2018
Thank you for assisting me with my inquiry regarding my wife's policy. I truly appreciate it.
- Thomas D., Silverdale, WA Aug. 4, 2018
Very cleared and made it easy to understand my options.
- Dayaris A., Chicago, IL Aug. 4, 2018
- Christine H., Jamestown, KY Aug. 3, 2018
Very good service
- Mary S., Rockford, IL Aug. 3, 2018
Very helpful
- Bobby G., Celebration, FL Aug. 3, 2018
He was very helpful and polite.
- Donald E., Fredericksburg, VA Aug. 3, 2018
Great customer service by Kevin
- Dariela P., Kearny, NJ Aug. 3, 2018
Tony was great. thank you!
- Anna H., Spicewood, TX Aug. 3, 2018
Great service and very helpful
- Renee B., Old Forge, PA Aug. 3, 2018
Excellent costumer service, there's a few people who work like he does.
- Carlos E., North Hollywood, CA Aug. 3, 2018
Profesional. Gracias
- Bianca O., Las Vegas, NV Aug. 3, 2018
He was helpful and I felt valued.
- Kay F., Marietta, GA Aug. 3, 2018
very knowledgeable
- Kendra P., Durham, NC Aug. 3, 2018
- Derrick T., North Augusta, SC Aug. 3, 2018
She was very professional and extremely helpful.
- Gulzhan E., Stantonsburg, NC Aug. 3, 2018
He was on right points
- Nasrin H., Meadows Place, TX Aug. 3, 2018
Jay Spitz was fantastic. He heard my questions and concerns, advocated for me, and really coached me through the process. I was very impressed, and appreciated his time and attention!
- David G., Fishers, IN Aug. 3, 2018
Very professional & knowledgeable.
- Louise C., Gulf Shores, AL Aug. 3, 2018
Very helpful!
- Andrea S., Rochester, NY Aug. 3, 2018
I'm giving Jay Spitz my 5 star rating for his customer service skills, knowledge and courtesy. Great job!!!
- Audie N., Bloomfield, NJ Aug. 3, 2018
Great guy
- James G., Brunswick, OH Aug. 3, 2018
He was polite, listened, and made sure that my questions were answered even before I asked.
- Blake H., Briarcliff, TX Aug. 3, 2018
Good work
- Michael M., New Iberia, LA Aug. 3, 2018
excellent service! thanks!
- Mei H., Durham, NC Aug. 3, 2018
Karl was great, very professional and patient
- Patrick G., Bridgewater, MA Aug. 3, 2018
Rachel was very helpful and kept me informed of the process.
- Faith M., Towanda, IL Aug. 3, 2018
Great customer service
- Santa Luisa P., Kearny, NJ Aug. 3, 2018
He helped me to get my new policy issued and answered all my questions. Excellent in all ways. David Parham
- David P., Wichita Falls, TX Aug. 3, 2018
Very helpful, thank you!
- Stephen B., Katy, TX Aug. 3, 2018
knowledgeable and personable. Two good assets.
- Donald K., Lake Placid, NY Aug. 3, 2018
Very nice and professional.
- Karee B., Longview, TX Aug. 3, 2018
- Leah G., Minneapolis, MN Aug. 3, 2018
Courteous, well spoken.
- Robert A., Media, PA Aug. 3, 2018
My call with Paul was excellent he answered all of my questions the calls I neded and he also kept in contact with me. he's a very nice young man and I would recommend other people to the insurance thanks ! Rhonda Danzy
- Rhonda D., San Francisco, CA Aug. 3, 2018
Tiffany was very good to work with! Thank You, Ray Lasich
- Raymond L., Augusta, MI Aug. 3, 2018
Very professional
- Betty T., Fullerton, CA Aug. 3, 2018
Yessina is indeed an asset to the company. Very professional. It was a pleasure speaking with her; her charming voice and patience are highly to be commended.
- Lynette S., Newark, NJ Aug. 3, 2018
Person was very good to work with! Thank You, Ray Lasich
- Joel L., Augusta, MI Aug. 3, 2018
Very knowledgeable and easy to talk with. Provided lots of good information. Very prompt with providing additional literature.
- Richard U., Arvada, CO Aug. 3, 2018
very good works wonderful
- Esteban A., Bronx, NY Aug. 2, 2018
Very patient and professional
- Alejandro L., Channelview, TX Aug. 2, 2018
- Stanley B., Mc Lean, VA Aug. 2, 2018
Jay Spitz is a pleasure to deal with. He is very knowledgeable, detailed and pleasant.
- Willard L., Lewistown, MT Aug. 2, 2018
Karl was very clear and professional with his procedure over the phone. I had computer issue and he patiently and politely guided me through it so I could complete the process. Karl answered my questions with total respect and made things understandable for me Was a pleasure to work with !!
- Edward W., Hackettstown, NJ Aug. 2, 2018
Joan was very thorough and polite during the interview.
- Lawrence M., Quincy, FL Aug. 2, 2018
Very knowledgeable and helpful. Very pleased with his service
- Lauren W., W Brookfield, MA Aug. 2, 2018
Service excellent ! Thanks
- Emerald N., Raleigh, NC Aug. 2, 2018
Joan, she made me feel comfortable in reaching my needs and concerns in purchasing life insurance and the best Co for my budget.She is very knowledgeable,great customer skills and takes pride Geico. Also has patients. I wish more businesses had people like Joan. Great job!! Looking forward to working with you.
- Cynthia B., Pensacola, FL Aug. 2, 2018
Very friendly, great guy.
- Nicolas B., Colorado Springs, CO Aug. 2, 2018
He was very thorough and clear about everything.
- Hong N., Stockton, CA Aug. 2, 2018
Great service
- Audrie U., Orange, CA Aug. 2, 2018
Great service
- Santino U., Orange, CA Aug. 2, 2018
This guy was truly caring and informative.
- Susie S., Chicago, IL Aug. 2, 2018
Very well done!
- George L., Louisville, KY Aug. 2, 2018
Extremely helpful
- John L., Hightstown, NJ Aug. 2, 2018
Very good.
- Vladimir K., Friendswood, TX Aug. 2, 2018
Griffin was very helpful whish, I dealt with more people like him tom
- Thomas O., Hampton Bays, NY Aug. 2, 2018
Did a great job, thanks
- Patrick D., Houston, TX Aug. 2, 2018
She was very helpful
- Gail E., Chadds Ford, PA Aug. 2, 2018
Very helpful and informative
- Patricia R., Las Cruces, NM Aug. 2, 2018
Great call thanks for the information
- Gabriela V., Doral, FL Aug. 2, 2018
Miriam was very nice and knowledgeable.
- Paul S., Oakdale, CT Aug. 2, 2018
Very professional, and understanding.
- Kim B., Ellwood City, PA Aug. 2, 2018
He did a good job...
- Barry W., Concord, NC Aug. 2, 2018
She answered every question with a great attitude.
- Rhonda L., Elnora, IN Aug. 2, 2018
Gave great feedback when I ask questions.
- Andrea M., Saint Charles, MD Aug. 2, 2018
Very satute and excellent customer care
- George P., Archers Lodge, NC Aug. 1, 2018
He is very good man and best customer service man
- Sumit B., Winter Park, FL Aug. 1, 2018
Great service. Thank you
- Adam P., Crestview, FL Aug. 1, 2018
Very nice, professional woman. Good customer service skills.
- Maria J., Beaumont, CA Aug. 1, 2018
Hello, the representative who contacted me was very nice and helpful. Still waiting on the email information she stated she would send though. - Mike
- Michael S., OVID, NY Aug. 1, 2018
She was excellent very attentive to all of our questions and gave very thorough answers
- Renell R., Country Club Hills, IL Aug. 1, 2018
He answered all my questions and provided with the best results I believe he could com up with.
- Gail M., Aurora, IL Aug. 1, 2018
She was very good and very nice Thank you
- Philomena F., Merchanville, NJ Aug. 1, 2018
Ed was very helpful. Thanks, Sherry Williams
- Carlas W., Waco, TX Aug. 1, 2018