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Did You Know?

Unintentional injury is the #1 leading cause of death for ages 1-44.

The Fidelity Life policy asks no health questions and has very affordable premiums

Benefit Doubled For Travelers

Yes! This policy pays double the face amount if you die while a passenger in a public conveyance being operated by a common carrier to transport passengers for hire such as an airline, taxi, train or passenger ship.

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Up to $250,000 of Accidental Death Insurance
5 minute online enrollment, follow each step
Step 1:  Select Individual or Family Coverage
IMPORTANT NOTE - If the owner of the policy will be someone other than the insured, the maximum coverage amount allowed shall be $50,000. Please check to confirm your acknowledgement and understanding.
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Coverage Amount Individual Coverage Family Coverage
Monthly Premium Annual Premium Monthly Premium Annual Premium
$100,000   $13.40   $154.00   $17.31   $199.00
$150,000   $17.70   $203.50   $23.58   $271.00

* Fidelity Life Association has a maximum limit of $250,000 per insured on its Accidental Death Benefit policy. Multiple policy purchases which exceed $250,000 are not permitted.
Step 2:  View Financial Strength Ratings
Rating Agency Latest Rating
A.M. Best A-  (Eff. 6/1/2016) Fourth highest of 16 ratings
Fitch Ratings NR  
Moody's NR
Standard & Poor's NR
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Policy Description

Policies issued by Fidelity Life Association, A Legal Reserve Life Insurance Company, Chicago, IL, and are not available to residents of CO, FL, MA, NY and WY.

You must be a U.S. Citizen to apply.

Accidental Death Benefit coverage provides from $50,000 to $250,000 of security for a covered accidental death. Coverage is guaranteed regardless of health or occupation if you are between the ages of 20 and 59. There are no long forms to fill out and no medical exams are required. The affordable monthly premiums are guaranteed to never increase. The benefits are also guaranteed to remain unchanged until age 70, at which time they are reduced by 50% until the coverage expires at age 80.

If you choose the Family Accidental Death Benefit Rider, the principal benefit for the spouse and any dependent child will be equal to a percentage of the primary insured's principal benefit as of the date of accident. This is based on the insured's family composition on the same date.

For the spouse, the principal benefit will be equal to 60% of the primary insured's principal benefit if there is no dependent child; or 50% if there is one or more dependent children. For each dependent child, the principal benefit will be equal to 10% of the primary insured's principal benefit if there is a spouse; or 20% if there is no spouse.

Included at no additional cost are two benefits that enhance the value of this coverage in certain automobile and common carrier (e.g. commercial airline) accidents.

Auto Safety Benefit

If the insured dies due to an accident while operating or riding as a passenger in a private passenger automobile, the death benefit will be increased by 10% provided the insured was wearing a properly fastened, and originally factory installed seat belt at the time of the accident.

Travel Accident Benefit

The Travel Accident Benefit pays an additional 100% for accidents in which the insured was a passenger in a public conveyance being operated by a common carrier to transport passengers for hire.

Know these Policy Exclusions* before You Buy

No benefits shall be paid for death caused by:

  1. Suicide: Suicide, while the Insured is sane or insane.
  2. War: War, declared or undeclared, or any act of war. War is defined as armed conflict between nations, or between factions in the same nation.
  3. Military Service: Service in the military forces of any country at war or in any civilian noncombatant unit serving with those forces. "War" includes undeclared war. "Country" includes any international organization or group of countries.
  4. Aviation: Travel in, or descent from or with, any kind of aircraft aboard which the Insured is a pilot or crewmember or is giving or receiving any training. "Crewmember" includes anyone who has any duty aboard the aircraft.
  5. Natural Causes: Bodily or mental illness, disease or infirmity of any kind or medical or surgical treatment for any of these.
  6. Drug: The taking or injection of any nonprescription drug, hypnotic or narcotic, accidentally or otherwise.
  7. Blood Alcohol: Death while the Insured is operating a motor vehicle and is determined to have a blood alcohol level exceeding the legal limit as defined by state law.
  8. Speed Contest: Fatal injury, which is incurred as the result of taking part in any speed contest.
  9. Felony: Injury received while committing a felony.
* Note: Exclusions can vary depending on your state of residence.

Insurance Co. Name:   Fidelity Life Association
Company Policy Name:   Accidental Death Benefit
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