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Life Quotes, Inc. News Release - 05/24/2016

CONTACT: Rob Goss, Executive Vice President
(630) 515-0170, ext. 460 No-Exam life insurance policies soar in popularity as prices drop to all-time lows; more and more insurers now offer coverage up to $500,000


DARIEN, Illinois (May 24, 2016) -, the online life insurance pioneer that offers instant quotes from 50 life insurance companies and allows customers to buy from any company on a paperless basis, has good news for those who want to skip the traditional medical examination:  An increasing number of highly-rated life insurers now offer no-exam underwriting up to $500,000, which dramatically simplifies and speeds up the purchase process for life insurance shoppers.  Instant quotes on the new no-exam plans up to $500,000 are now available at

 Even better, some of the no-exam plans offer instant-decision underwriting, depending upon the applicant's age and state of residence.  Additionally, the LifeQuotes website offers anonymous quoting, which maximizes customer privacy.

"A sea change of product improvement is under way in the U.S. life insurance market and the news could not be better for middle market consumers," said founder and CEO, Robert Bland.  "More and more life insurers are adding no-exam plans up to $500,000 that offer instant underwriting at unheard-of rates, which now puts high quality life insurance within reach of every American adult who has dependents and a need for life insurance." recommends that family breadwinners with dependents carry no less than ten times their annual income in total life insurance and that a non-working caregiver with dependents carry no less than $250,000. offers an easy-to-use life insurance needs calculator at


Rob Goss, executive vice president, added, "The new generation of no-exam plans offer a full suite of initial rate guarantee periods, typically ranging from 10 years to lifetime and there is very competitive pricing available for individuals who have non-life threatening health conditions."


Goss continued, "In order to de-mystify the process and keep rate-ups and declines as low as possible for our customers, we've designed our online illustrations to display each company's actual Acceptance Guidelines, including height and weight charts, so that customers can review them in private before they elect to apply for coverage.  To the best of my knowledge, we're the only life insurance exchange that shows actual acceptance guidelines along with the price quotes."


Sample No-Exam, 10 Year Level Term Life Insurance Rates

Female Monthly Rates


Male Monthly Rates

Age $25,000 $50,000 $100,000 $250,000 $500,000  

Age $25,000 $50,000 $100,000 $250,000 $500,000
25 $9 $8 $9 $12 $13   25 $8 $9 $11 $14 $18
30 $8 $9 $10 $15 $13   30 $8 $10 $12 $14 $18
35 $8 $9 $11 $14 $14   35 $9 $10 $13 $14 $18
40 $8 $11 $14 $14 $18   40 $10 $12 $14 $16 $24
45 $10 $13 $13 $17 $27   45 $11 $14 $14 $23 $29
50 $12 $16 $16 $23 $38   50 $14 $18 $18 $28 $46
55 $14 $20 $19 $32 $56   55 $18 $25 $23 $42 $75
60 $18 $25 $27 $48 $83   60 $26 $38 $36 $68 $127
65 $27 $36 $51 $114 $223   65 $38 $58 $88 $212 $444 reminds shoppers that the underwriting process for these plans can entail third party database lookups, including the Medical Insurance Bureau (MIB), past medical records, prescription drug use history, driving record and other data sources.  We urge all customers to be truthful in their answers to the application questions because a material misrepresentation could nullify coverage at a later date.  Rate-ups and declines in life insurance can result in an MIB report history.

 Underwriting for most no-exam plans utilizes e-signature and/or a recorded telephone interview.

The no-exam insurers typically require U.S. citizenship, a valid Social Security number, and a valid U.S. residence.  In some cases, coverage may be available to U.S. residents who are temporarily living abroad.



Online insurance pioneer operates an insurance exchange at The company pioneered the concept and introduction of buying medically-underwritten term life insurance online in 2001. also provides private label life insurance technology and direct market fulfillment services to financial institutions, affinity groups, banks, credit unions, trade associations and other groups with large customer bases. The company's proprietary technology provides instant quotes and detailed illustrations from up to 50 leading life insurers that enables a quick, paperless purchase process.  More than 325,000 people have purchased policies through since the firm's founding in 1984. Visit for more information or to experience the instant life insurance quoting experience online.  Copyright 1984-2016 Life Quotes, Inc.  All rights reserved.


Actual plan availability depends upon your age, state of residence, weight, overall health and other factors.  Plans are not available in all states.  The term life policies described herein are underwritten by one or more of the following companies:   American National Insurance Company, Galveston, TX under Policy Form # KC0910193 and state variations; Fidelity Life Association, Chicago, IL, under Policy Form # F3600 and state variations;  Independent Order of Foresters, Toronto, ON, under Policy Form # ICC73 770620 US and state variations; Life Insurance Company of the Southwest, Addison, Texas under Policy Form # ICC12-20112 or state variations; Minnesota Life Insurance Company, a Securian Company, St. Paul, MN, under Policy Form # F76777-15 and state variations; PHL Variable Insurance Company, a member of the Phoenix Companies, Inc, Hartford, CT under Policy Form # ICC14OL4907 and state variations; Prudential Financial/Pruco Life Insurance Company, Phoenix, AZ,  under Form # PFT-2007 and state variations; Sagicor Life Insurance Company, Austin, Texas under Policy Form # ICC101000/1000 or state variations; Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts, Woburn, MA 01801 under Policy Form # B36 Series and B46 Series. Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA, under Policy Form # ICC12 TL18 and state variations; United Farm Family Life Insurance Company, Indianapolis, IN, under Policy Form # 18-364 and state variations and United of Omaha a Mutual of Omaha company, Omaha, NE, under Policy Form B630LNA07P and state variations.  

The above chart of rates does not pertain to New Jersey residents, who can obtain quotes at  Premiums on level term life policies always increase after the initial rate guarantee period expires.  These policies cover death by any cause in any place at any time subject to suicide exclusion within first two policy years (one year in some states).


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