How Dangerous Is Texting While Driving?

Contrary to public belief, not all distracted driving accidents are happening among teens. Texting is a widespread dilemma taking over 660,000 eyes (of all ages) off the road at any given moment, and as these accidents increase, so do the fatalities.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has become a prominent leader in the effort to stop texting and cell phone use while behind the wheel. According to their website, Distraction, over 3,154 people were killed in 2013 due to accidents involving a distracted driving. Since 2009, they have established national driving summits, banned texting and cell phone use of commercial drivers in 2011. Additionally they continue to build public awareness and inspire states to get involved.

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration banned texting on drivers operating a motor vehicle containing hazardous materials. The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) banned cellphones and other electronic devices after a crash that ended up killing over 25 people. Even the Federal Aviation Administration has jumped in to survey possible electronic device distractions in air insurers to ensure the safety of airline employees and passengers.

Professions associated with a high incidence of work-related fatalities are reiterating the urgency of electronic distraction and the damage that it can cause. Parents, teachers and employers are trying to spread the word and help create safe driving habits.

We cannot guarantee that the other driver is following the rules, we can only control our own behavior and reinforce the dangers of text messaging/using a cell phone while driving.

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