Make Sure That You Are Cooking Outdoors Safely

According to the United States Fire Administration’s report on outdoor cooking safety, keep an eye out for grease buildup and place the grill too close to flammable surfaces.

The placement of a barbecue grill is critical for outdoor cooking safety. According to the USFA report, it should be placed away from areas where sliding is possible.

Furthermore, the grill is most secure when it is away from overhanging branches and where there is a lot of foot traffic. Children and pets should be kept at least 3 feet away from the outdoor cooking source. Remove any fat or grease buildup from the tray as well, as it may catch fire.

In the case of charcoal grills, the USFA report suggests using the proper starter fluid and keeping the fluid away from children and heat sources. Furthermore, after the coals have been ignited, do not add fluid. This may result in a larger-than-expected flame. Because, according to the report, cooking accelerant is the leading cause of unreported fires and injuries.

To ensure outdoor cooking safety, make sure you have a fire extinguisher and clean your grill of grease buildup.

Homeowners who grill frequently throughout the year should follow these guidelines to keep their properties and families safe. On their website,, the USFA provides numerous fire prevention tips to keep us all safe and healthy.

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