What Taxes Apply to Life Insurance Premiums

What Taxes Apply to Life Insurance Premiums

The life insurance industry has developed in complexity and diversity over the years. When life insurance policies were originally created, they were insurance vehicles but over time, they’ve also become investment vehicles. Ultimately, all of this leads to a complex tax structure.

You Need to Know This Before Replacing a Term Life Insurance Policy

Why Should I Consider a Life Insurance Policy Replacement?

A life insurance policy is a financial asset, which needs to be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure you are getting the value you expect, in exchange for the premium dollars you pay to the life insurance company. Your policy could be affected by a change in personal preference, the issuing company’s financial condition or increased competition in the insurance industry. In some instances, replacing your pre-existing policy with another one may be more beneficial for you, but it is a very big decision to make.

private placement life insurance

What Is Equity-Indexed Universal Life Insurance?

Equity-indexed life insurance (EIUL) is a newer form of universal life, which combines elements of variable insurance into the mix. Most EIUL policies, unlike traditional universal life, have two separate accounts that can be used to credit interest. One account has a fixed interest rate that is declared by the insurance issuer, periodically. The other provides an equity option, which offers you the opportunity to benefit from positive equity/stock market returns.

how to find misleading information in a life insurance policy

How to Find Misleading Information In a Life Insurance Policy

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners adopted the model regulation, which is a new regulation aimed at protecting consumer and fostering consumer education. Under this regulation, new standardized procedures for policy illustrations were created to help ensure that all illustrations are not providing misleading information.

Cancer screenings and insurance

How Can Cancer Screenings Lower My Insurance Premiums?

Due to screening and early detection, physicians have been able to detect cancers before they have developed or at an early stage, which can result in a lower life insurance premium. The American Cancer Society recommends screening for the following types of cancers: breast cancer, colon cancer and cervical cancer.

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Every adviser, financial columnist, and relative has his or her own, perfect method for determining the right amount of life insurance. The three most commonly used methods are multiple of income, cover your debts, and human life value concept.