social security benefits and retirement

Social Security System Explained

But with the demise of many 401K savings and pension plans and the rise of health care costs due to the recent recession, many Americans are finding it tough to retire with the means to live stress-free on Social Security benefits alone.

Life insurance as a gift

Is Life Insurance A Good Holiday Gift?

With the holidays right around the corner, the LIFE foundation, an organization that represents the life insurance industry, is offering a unique gift idea for those who want to impress their loved ones.

Are you sure

Replacing Life Insurance Policies?

Consumers should consider several things before replacing their life insurance policies, such as their current insurability. In fact, the Illinois Department of Insurance provides a detailed list of considerations to take into account.

Grandfathering Provisions for Equity Split-Dollar Plans

How Are Life Insurance Rates Affected By Lifestyle?

Participating in extreme sports or having a dangerous hobby may satisfy a thrill-seeker’s need for a good rush. But, it will dramatically decrease their chance of getting an affordable life insurance rate. It is expected that they will pay two to three times more in life insurance than someone who lives a less dangerous life.

sell life policy

You Can Sell Your Life Insurance Policy

Rising healthcare costs may make it difficult for retired individuals to stay current on other payments.

Some turn to their mortgage loans or insurance premiums for relief, eliminating any investments they don’t deem necessary. Those considering this approach should reevaluate their options, according to a recent report by the Napa Valley Register.

Tapping out Your Retirement Savings Too Early

Tapping Out Your Retirement Savings Too Early

Financial planning requires more than just diligently putting money away in a savings account and living a frugal lifestyle. Those who are serious about their financial well-being would be wise to invest their money in various retirement accounts and life insurance. Having a range of investments can help ensure financial security.

Data from Fidelity Investments shows that while some people are being smart with their finances and putting money away in 401(k) accounts, others are actually borrowing against them.