communication and the life insurance industry

Ineffective Communication Slows Life Insurance Sales

The study, Get Real Already—Authenticating Industry Language, explored consumers’ experiences, emotions, and feelings related to life insurance industry language and imagery and how financial services companies could improve their communications efforts.

What Happens to the Money when an Annuitant Dies?

Oklahomans Find Lost Life Insurance Money

After the necessary information is submitted, OID will contact all state-licensed life insurance companies asking them to search their records for any life insurance policies or annuity contracts insuring the decedent.

HPV and cancer risk

Parents Of Children With Brain Tumors Raise Money For A Cure

A group of Massachusetts mothers whose daughters suffer from brain tumors have banded together to raise money for cancer research, according to a report from USA Today.

The national newspaper says that Renee Corning, Alice Williams, and Sarah Hamilton raised $250,000 for the researchers at the Dana Farber Cancer Center in 2009 alone, without corporate sponsorship or deep-pocketed backers of any kind. The three simply raise money in small amounts from their friends and family members.