insurance fraud

The 11 Goofiest Insurance Fraud Schemes of All Time

It’s no secret that many insurance fraud schemes involve murder, illicit activities, and mountains of debt. And of course, many involve idiots. Yes, people have been known to attempt the dumbest feats to get a quick payout, oftentimes getting caught in the process and facing probation, hefty fines, and time in the slammer.

Life insurance and risky jobs

When You Lose A Limb: Insurance Can Cover A High Risk Career

If danger is part of your job, then you might want to buy insurance to decrease how risky your life is. We’re not talking about signing up for a basic insurance policy work provides, then skipping along to your hazardous occupation. We’re talking about contacting a high-risk specialist, and buying some individual life insurance and disability insurance to protect your family if you die before winning employee of the month.

Disability insurance

Why Is Disability Insurance Important?

Many unexpected life events can render consumers incapable of earning the income needed in order to provide for their family.

Purchasing life insurance coverage can protect against the financial consequences of a death, while disability insurance may help your income endure short- or long-term injuries. A recent report by research organization LIMRA indicated that many consumers are not taking precautions against the latter.