falling ice liability

Do You Know Who Is Liable for Falling Ice?

Not only can you be struck by falling ice but your car or vehicle can be damaged as well. Streets around the city of New York were recently closed due to shearing ice and in Chicago, signs throughout the downtown are are now warning pedestrians of falling ice.

Keep an Eye on Your Teen Driver

Keep an Eye on Your Teen Driver

First, having a camera mounted in the car puts new drivers on notice that they are being monitored, encouraging safer operating habits. Additionally, the cameras can provide evidence for parents of teens who persist in driving recklessly, allowing them to levy punishments or teach lessons about safety behind the wheel.

"Little White Lies" Can Impact Auto Insurance Premiums

“Little White Lies” Can Impact Auto Insurance Premiums

Unreported life changes and little white lies have a big financial impact in the auto insurance industry – and in the end the everyday consumer.

Rate evasion, the term used to describe the inaccuracies on auto insurance policies – whether intentional or accidental – that result in lower than they should be premiums for the policyholder costs the insurance industry $16 billion a year, according to Bob U’Ren, senior vice president of San Francisco-based Quality Planning.

“They have an impact certainly,” U’Ren said.

What Kind of Insurance Do I Need in College?

What Kind of Insurance Do I Need in College?

A child heading off to college is an extremely rewarding experience. A young adult is going out into the world to take those bold steps to build an independent life. For parents, it’s marked by feelings of pride in their children as well as anxiety for them.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Auto Insurance

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Auto Insurance

Purchasing car insurance can be tricky, especially when it comes to understanding what a policy covers and the amount of coverage needed to best fit your needs. If you neglect to buy it, your finances could be jeopardized – especially if you’re involved in a costly car accident. Plus, in most states, it is illegal to drive without it.

insurance fraud

The 11 Goofiest Insurance Fraud Schemes of All Time

It’s no secret that many insurance fraud schemes involve murder, illicit activities, and mountains of debt. And of course, many involve idiots. Yes, people have been known to attempt the dumbest feats to get a quick payout, oftentimes getting caught in the process and facing probation, hefty fines, and time in the slammer.