Busy Travel On Holiday Weekends

Traveling on holiday weekends is always busy and hectic. Air traffic, vehicle traffic and people traffic are all amplified.

The American Auto Association (AAA) has predicted that 41 million people will travel 50 miles or more over the Fourth of July weekend – the most since 2007. And most will be traveling by automobile from Wednesday, July 2nd to Sunday, July 6th.

“This year nearly 41 million Americans plan to celebrate the nation’s birthday with a getaway, a slight decline from last year,” said AAA President and CEO Robert L. Darbelnet. “This projection is due to the calendar effect of one fewer day in the holiday period and economic growth that is not robust enough to offset the impact of the sequester and the effect of the end of the payroll tax cut on American families.”

AAA also highlights the following statistics:

  • Holiday air travel expected to increase slightly to 3.07 million in 2014 from 3.06 million in 2012.
  • Independence Day holiday travel volume is expected to remain above the 13-year average of 38.9 million for this holiday.
  • The largest share of travelers (32 percent) will depart on Wednesday, July 2nd.
  • Sunday, July 7, is the most popular date of return for holiday trips with 38 percent planning to return that day.
  • The average traveler is expected to travel a round-trip distance of 613 miles and spend 747 dollars.

What about the price of gas?

Travelers will experience the highest in gas prices since 2008. In past years, the price of gas had decreased weeks prior to the Fourth of July weekend but, due to higher crude oil costs and rigorous fighting in Iraq, gas prices continue to remain high. AAA provides the latest gas prices for the nation, states and metro areas at Daily Fuel Gauge Report.

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