Bicycle Safety In 2014

As the warm weather begins, so does the increase in pedestrian traffic. Bicycling has really gained popularity as a mode of transportation and has health benefit as well. City dwellers find that a bike is a lot more economical than gas prices and helps keep weight manageable.

The first verifiable claim for a bike was in 1817 and initially manufactured in Germany and France as an alternative to the horse. In the early 1900’s, automobiles became the mode of preferred transportation and bicycles became toys for the children. But regained its popularity in the 1970’s because they were energy efficient and in the 1980’s took a position in racing and sports. Now in the 21 century, bikes are back on the streets, even for those dressed in business clothes to commute back and forth from home to work.

Bikes are covered under renters and homeowners insurance. Insurance will reimburse you if stolen or damaged in a disaster. Especially if your bike is expensive, you may want to add additional coverage. Personal property can cover the actual cash value of the bike or replacement coverage that reimburses you for what it would cost to replace the exact kind. You should also have liability protection in case you are involved in a bicycle accident.

Cyber Drive Illinois offers tips for biking safety in general and specific for Illinois. Checking with your state is the first step to understanding the rules of the road for bikes.

  • Make sure your bicycle has the right equipment (see site for details)
  • Obey all traffic laws and signals
  • When riding on sidewalks, obey pedestrian rules
  • Understand pavement markings
  • Use appropriate arm signals
  • Know the colors of signs and their meaning

Always ride as close to the edge of the road as possible and always be aware of any kind of distraction, including your cell phone.

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