FEMA Urges Homeowners not to Gamble on Flood Insurance

FEMA Urges Homeowners not to Gamble on Flood Insurance

The Federal Emergency Management Agency issued a statement Monday, warning homeowners that it could be a dangerous move to decide against purchasing flood insurance if they live in an area that could be affected by such an event.

Federal coordinating officer Brad Harris said “if more people knew the real risks and were aware of the real odds we’d have a lot more people signing up for flood insurance,” adding that roughly a quarter of all flood losses occur outside of even so-called “100-year floodplains.” This means that consumers must work to educate themselves about their real risks of suffering home damage from a flood.

Chronic disease and disability

Report: Chronic Disease and Disability Could Harm Readiness for Disaster

People with incurable diseases like diabetes and those who suffer from other types of disability are less likely than their healthier peers to be adequately prepared in case of a hurricane, tornado or other natural disaster, according to research set for publication in next month’s American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

renters insurance

Renters Insurance: Who Needs It?

The percentage of renters have significantly increased since the economy’s demise, and yet a little less than half have purchased renters insurance, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This means that approximately 57 percent of renters either do not care if their valuables are stolen or damaged or there’s a possibility that they simply do not realize that although their landlords may have property insurance… that typically only covers the building itself… not the Xbox 360 or the Italian, leather-upholstered couch that is inside the apartment.

Skin cancer drug

New Skin Cancer Drug Could Save Lives

A genetic mutation found in about half of all malignant skin cancer cases is the target for a new experimental drug from Roche Pharmaceuticals, which said recently that the results of a clinical trial had been encouraging.

Report: States Preparing for Health Insurance Exchanges

States Preparing for Health Insurance Exchanges

A provision in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which was signed into law last year by President Barack Obama requires all U.S. states to set up health insurance exchanges or have federal regulators step in to do it for them. Maryland is already moving to meet the 2012 deadline, according to the Baltimore Business Journal.