Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Storm-Related Flooding?

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Storm-Related Flooding?

Will your insurance cover the water damage if it should flood due to weather? The Insurance Information Institute offers this rule of thumb: water that comes from from top down (ice dams, for example) is generally covered, but when water comes from the bottom up, such as in flooding, it’s not covered.

Couple's life insurance

Top 10 Financial Tips for Couples

The workshops fulfill employees’ interest in financial education and planning help in the workplace, and address a variety of topics such as Investing 101, planning for college, and estate and retirement planning.

healthy hips and knees

Joint Health for Your Hips and Knees

Because the average joint that’s replaced only lasts 10 to 15 years, having the procedure done at age 50 instead of 70 means there’s a good chance you’ll need a second procedure when you’re older and at higher risk for complications.

Life insurance and suicide

How Can I Find a Hypnosis Expert?

Hypnosis is not restricted or regulated by law in many states in the U.S. This is a cause for great concern to many health professionals who use hypnosis. It means that any kind of person, regardless of education, training or experience can, and does, offer you hypnosis services. Hypnosis is sometimes misused, either deliberately or, more often, due to incompetence.

MetLife settles unpaid benefits claims

Metlife Settles Unpaid Benefits Claims With 22 States

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company has signed a multi-million dollar settlement with 22 states that resolves allegations of improper practices by MetLife in benefits under life insurance policies that had gone unpaid for years.

The agreement is expected to deliver millions of dollars in death benefits to state controllers’ offices, which will then seek to find the beneficiaries and pay them their benefits.

If I'm Single and Working, Should I Purchase Life Insurance?

If I’m Single and Working, Should I Purchase Life Insurance?

Those who may be the least inclined to have a life insurance could be in the position to benefit the most from the financial security a policy can offer.

A new report “Basic Economic Security Tables for the United States” on family economic security released by the non-profit organization Wider Opportunities for Women (WOW) details the challenges that many Americans face in covering their basic expenses and what type of income it would take to save for their futures.