Is a Life Insurance Payout Taxed?

Is a Life Insurance Payout Taxed?

Life insurance is widely recommended as an important financial protection for families in the event that a parent or other provider dies prematurely. However, people who do end up as the beneficiaries of a life insurance policy may not always know how to proceed when it comes to taxes.

Fixed Annuities Can Be a Top Security Asset for Women

Fixed Annuities: A Top Security Asset For Women

But by its design an annuity works a little differently. An annuity offers guaranteed income for life, if you choose it to work that way. And you invest money into it same as you would any other money market account, like a 401k.
This is particularly likely for women, according to a recent report by New York Life Insurance Company, who traditionally endure a significantly longer retirement than men despite weathering the same economic conditions beforehand. The company said that women accounted for 64 percent of customers with fixed immediate annuities in 2009.

STOLI and Life Settlements

Stranger-Owned Life Insurance vs. Life Settlements

Investors may be able to receive significant profits through purchasing an elderly or ill individual’s life insurance policy through a life settlement.

They may also benefit through selling variable annuities. Individuals who sell these assets through a stranger-originated transaction, however, may be targeted by fraud, according to the Life Insurance Settlement Association.

Life insurance premium price and age

Why Are Life Insurance Premiums More Expensive as I Get Older?

There are many important factors determining a person’s insurability and the amount of premium they will be charged for a life insurance policy, but age is the single most important. Because the possibility of death increases with age, this is the first stop in determining the risk classification a person falls into, which also determines how much they will be paying for coverage.

Attitude and heart health

Your Attitude Has a Real Effect on Your Heart

People are routinely reminded that it’s important to follow a healthy diet and to exercise regularly if they want to stay healthy. However, an equally important part of staying healthy involves one’s emotional well-being.

The American Heart Association recently cited data suggesting that people with an antagonistic disposition may be up to 40 percent more at risk for heart attacks, strokes and other related events. Specifically, people with this disposition tended to have more thickening of their neck arteries, potentially undermining their cardiac health.