alternative options celebrating new year

Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, millions of Americans across the United States are all faced with same question – what should my New Year’s resolution be?

Health and weight lifting

Weight Lifting Benefits People Of All Ages

Having a balanced diet and exercise routine has constantly been encouraged to improve one’s health, and recent studies show that strength training may have more health benefits that just toning and muscle definition.

travel safety

How Can I Make My Travel Experience Safer?

Traveling, locally or abroad, can leave you vulnerable to a number of health and safety risks, if you are not prepared.

On average, travelers are more likely to become victims of crime, violence, or experience unfamiliar situations. Being prepared is key to having a safe and incident-free trip.

Heart disease risk

Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease

Given the dramatic increase in life insurance premiums that a heart disease diagnosis can produce in the long term, it makes sense for individuals to do all they can to stay healthy.

Life insurance prepares policyholders

How life insurance prepares policyholders for the unexpected

Some recent medical trends offer additional insight into why even younger and healthier people should consider investing in life insurance policies to secure long-term financial stability for their families.

For example, the group Extending the Cure, which works to help improve the effectiveness of antibiotics, recently highlighted a study which found that 48,000 people in 2006 died due to sepsis and pneumonia generated by hospital-acquired infections. This resulted in about $8.1 billion in added health costs for the year.

snowmobile users and life insurance

Why Snowmobilers Need Life Insurance

Though consumers may enjoy a number of recreational activities during the winter, some are more dangerous than others, which could prompt people to make sure they have proper life insurance coverage.