Want to Be Happy? Here’s How.

Positive environments are key for happiness to have a chance. Happy people agree that regardless of how strong and self-reliant you are, negative, counterproductive environments are contaminants. Walk away from the victims so you have freedom to create a mental space filled with opportunity; do not try to change something that will bring you down.

Let go of hurt and pain. For some people it is forgiveness, some others it is just focusing on the present and moving forward. Past experiences are valuable if they have taught you something, but emotional pain and resentment will keep you from your own goals, achievements and accomplishments.

Happy people really try to stay in the moment.

Stay away from the judgment of others. The only one that can truly define your motives, your values, is you. You are great and you have to assume that position. But many do that for a week, month and then expect results. Being great is a full-time gig with patience. Happy people fall but then try to get back on track so that their changes can continue to blossom.

The glass is always half full and not half empty. You can be living in a home that is falling down around you but if you see it as a castle, you will be surprised at the opportunities that may come to help you repair that leaky ceiling. Your perception is everything and when that remains, the right conditions show up.

Doing for others without expectation keeps happy people focused on a spiritual purpose. It does not have to be money. It can be a skill, talent or just a kind word that makes all the difference to others.

Most surveyed that happiness is truly a decision that involves learning and sometimes reprogramming old belief tapes to better your own interpersonal skills and to change your career-related goals and manage your environment. Having a personal growth direction is always a goal of the happy person.

Most agree that living for the moment is by far the best advice; however, when given the opportunity to plan for the future and protect family from the unexpected, purchasing a life insurance policy is part of the happiness quotient.

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