Why EMT Is a Dangerous Profession

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) have a dangerous job because anything can go wrong when working in an emergency.

One such unforeseen danger appeared last week in Mont Vernon, New Hampshire, when a would-be patient attacked three paramedics following a 911 call, according to the Bedford (New Hampshire) Cabinet Press. The attack, which both police and the ambulance company described as “sudden and unprovoked,” occurred as EMTs were responding to the home of a woman who was having difficulty breathing.

According to the Cabinet Press, one EMT suffered a fractured wrist, and the others received a variety of bruises and scrapes.

Such attacks may come as a surprise, but they are part of the job for emergency personnel, who are already at risk of contracting a variety of diseases. According to a recent Financial Edge report, nurses and other healthcare personnel have one of the six surprisingly dangerous jobs.

As with any job that carries the risk of death, all healthcare workers should consider purchasing life insurance to protect their loved ones in the event of an accident.

Look at the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians statistics to learn more about EMTs.

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