Why can hot Summer Weather be Deadly?

Soaring temperatures in the summer cause many people to seek the relief of beaches and lakes to cool off, but dangerously hot weather can also serve as a reminder of why having a life insurance policy is important.

According to a U.S. Department of Commerce brochure, more than 175 Americans die each year as a result of the toll that summer heat takes on their bodies. Thousands more are being treated in hospitals for heat stroke and other illnesses.

Heat-related illness is most common in the elderly and small children, but anyone can be affected if they fail to drink enough water while doing strenuous work or engaging in other outdoor activity.

The Commerce Department advises people to wear lightweight clothing and limit strenuous activities during high temperatures. It’s also best to avoid taking salt tablets and getting too much sun.

On a hot summer day, sunlight may pose a longer-term threat to people, especially if they spend time at the beach or outdoors without sunscreen. With skin cancer on the rise and high summer temperatures as dangerous as ever, investing in life insurance is a wise decision.

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