Where Is a Safe Place for Children to Play?

In today’s world, where can children play safely? According to experts, playgrounds are critical to children’s physical development.

It was the playground where Baby Boomer kids got together with their friends to talk on top of the slide or compete on the swings. This is not Facebook. It was the playground where castles were built and children used the slide to flee witches. It was the playground where kids imitated the latest I Spy or Avengers TV shows. It was the playground where they threw a ball and ran around the bases. It was a place for creativity, exercise, and a sense of community.

“It’s so important for communities to create a safe place for children to play,” said Dana Points, editor-in-chief of Parents Magazine. Playgrounds and what happens in them may appear to be for fun and games, but they are more important to our children and communities than many of us realize.”

Playgrounds, according to experts, are critical to the physical development of America’s youth because they provide a safe space for them to exercise their growing bodies.

We cannot stress the importance of eating healthy enough, certainly,” said Dr. Michael Omidi, co-founder of The Children’s Obesity Fund. “However, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the lack of physical exercise in children is the main culprit in the startling rise of childhood obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and all other types of preventable medical conditions.” –

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