What Happens If I Smoke With Diabetes?

A report from the SEARCH Study Group revealed that cigarette smoking is very common among children and young adults with diabetes. So what happens if I smoke with diabetes?

The study examined tobacco use and heart disease risk factors in a diverse group of diabetic children and young adults aged 10 to 22 years old in the U.S. It is mentioned in the report that youth with diabetes are already at a high risk for heart disease even before they take up smoking.

Researchers discovered that 10 percent of youth with type 1 diabetes and 16 percent of youth with type 2 diabetes were using a form of tobacco, whether it be cigarettes, cigars or smokeless tobacco.

Dr. Kristi Reynolds said, “We found a substantial proportion of youth with diabetes are current cigarette smokers, which greatly added to their already elevated risk for heart disease,” she said. “Smoking is preventable, so aggressive smoking prevention and cessation programs are needed to prevent or delay heart disease in youth with diabetes.”

Children and young adults with diabetes should consider consistent exercise and proper dieting, so their long-term health outlook sees a decreased risk of developing heart disease. Those who live a nutritious and fit lifestyle may pay less for their life insurance premiums.

Consider Life Insurance

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Many life insurance agents just submit and hope for the best – not having any idea what will happen after the life insurance company takes a look at the application. This more often than not leads to a decline, and a hit to your MIB report.  This could make it more difficult to secure coverage in the future.

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