What Are The Health Benefits Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids?

While Omega-3 fatty acids have been widely hyped as providing numerous cardiovascular benefits, the results of a study published in Sunday’s New England Journal of Medicine found little difference in heart attack rates between those who consumed a considerable quantity of margarine high in Omega-3s and those who did not.

The study’s authors were careful to note, however, that their results did not prove that there were no benefits to the consumption of Omega-3s. The subjects of the study were all receiving good clinical treatment for their heart conditions, so any small-scale improvements caused by Omega-3s could have been lost in the shuffle.

In addition, the researchers found that patients with diabetes were measurably less likely to suffer severe cardiac events when taking significant amounts of Omega-3s, which is good news for a population that tends to have a higher risk of such health problems.

It seems likely, then, that although the general population might not realize any particular health benefits from Omega-3s, diabetics could use them to stay healthier and possibly get better health and life insurance rates.

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