The Holidays Are A Great Time To Eat Healthy Foods

Adults suffering from obesity often face high health and life insurance premiums, because of the health risks associated with the condition. Achieving a healthy weight is part of obtaining a new lifestyle.

Guidelines from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommend that individuals maintain a healthy diet by limiting their consumption of trans fats and saturated fats as well as sodium, cholesterol and added sugars. What does that really mean? What food choices should you be deciding?

According to the Center For Disease Control, an easy habit to adopt is making sure that half your plate is filled with red, orange and dark green vegetables. Make the other half 100% whole grain cereals, breads, rice or pasta while varying your protein food choices keeping meat and poultry small.

Use food labels to help you determine smart choices in buying. Check for added sugars and if a sugar is close to the first on the ingredients list, the food is generally high in added sugars.

As the holidays approach and many entertain, what types of foods can be included in entertaining meals which is a great start to building a new life. The USDA offers tips to holiday recipes each week that include even cranberry sauces generally too sweet but offer recipes such as cranberry chutney, easy to make and healthier than the traditional cranberry sauce. It provides more fruits and vegetables with less sugar.

There are many websites that provide what they call holiday slimmed down recipes that are not costly. Even the traditional eggnog, green bean casserole, truffles and meringues can be delicious, but loaded with empty calories. Spend time with your family learning a new holiday healthy cookie recipe to add to your dessert menu.

Many wait until the New Year to begin their resolutions. But the holidays, for several, call for cooking, baking and celebrating with food.

Why not discover healthy eating right now?

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