What Are The Best Ways To Detect Colon Cancer?

Doctors could soon have the ability to more quickly and accurately detect the presence of colon cancer in women, thanks to researchers from Northwestern University who have managed to create a new combination of optical technology and standard screening to test for the disease, according to the National Science Foundation.

One of the lead researchers, Hemant Roy, told the NSF that “this study is one of several efforts to apply new technologies to improve our ability to detect cancer, specifically in women.” The NSF’s report also noted that both medical researchers and engineers participated in the project.

According to the American Cancer Society, there are six main tests used to detect colorectal cancer currently in general use, including the fecal occult blood test, stool DNA test, and the traditional colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy options.

The ACS says that colorectal tumors are the third-leading cause of cancer death in both men and women. Should the worst happen, experts say it’s important to have a sufficiently comprehensive life insurance policy in place to provide for loved ones.

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