You Need to Talk About Life Insurance

Few want to ever discuss life insurance and even less want to sit down and research, let alone buy. As the Thanksgiving season approaches, it is usually the time to be thankful for the ones we love. It is the time of year that we also wonder what would happen without them. Maybe it is a good time to protect them with life insurance. We never know when an accident could victimize family members.

Lincoln Financial group is promoting a “Give Thanks” campaign.

“The overall campaign is designed to build awareness, familiarity and engagement with Lincoln Financial,” said Jamie DePeau, corporate chief marketing officer at Lincoln Financial Group.

“Thanksgiving is a perfect time to create an emotional connection with our audiences,” DePeau said. “There is great alignment between being the ‘boss’ of your own life and pausing for a moment to give thanks to the people who have helped you become a ‘chief life officer.'”

Lincoln offers financial services including life insurance, group benefits, retirement planning and financial advisory services.

Last week, Lincoln Financial Group reported record operating revenue of $ 3.4 billion for the third quarter, up nine percent over the same period last year.

If you have a recommended insurance broker or financial planner, talk to them about the best insurance options for your circumstance. Life insurance is surprisingly affordable, especially for young folks who are just starting out raising a family. Life insurance provides so many opportunities for your family to be protected from unexpected events, but also serves as a tool to save for college.

As one consumer promotes, as he grew older, got married, started a family and began a business, he realized that life insurance was indispensable and fundamental to a sound financial plan. Over the years, life insurance gave him that peace of mind knowing that money would be available to protect his family and estate in a number of ways.

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