Tips for Safeguarding Your Property

There are certain tips for safeguarding your property before going on vacation. Burglaries are common, and you need to be prepared.

  • Make sure windows and doors are locked. If locks are weak, a burglar that wants to get in will do it anyway. Sliding glass door windows generally have poor locks so for those, putting bars in the tracks will make it much more difficult for the intruder.
  • Trusted neighbors should be notified if you are going to be gone to at least be aware. If they see something suspicious, they can notify the police.
  • Any behavior such as someone outside looking through doors and windows should be reported immediately. Police need to know if private property is being threatened before it happens.
  • Do not tell mail insurers that you will be gone; arrange mail pickup with a neighbor if you can.
  • Give your neighbor or contact in the community your travel information including date and time of leaving, returning and any emergency information.
  • Automatic timers on interior lights will help confuse anyone that may be watching.
  • Motion detectors also help surprise a burglar.
  • Motorized drape controllers and blinds will automatically stop and start when drapes are opening and closing and may be a good investment.
  • Turn on the alarm or security system.
  • Have your newspaper service stopped until you return. You can have your local post office stop delivery and then re-start when you return
  • It does not hurt to inform your local police that you will be out of the community.
  • It does not hurt to check your homeowners policy to make sure that you have the best coverage for your needs. Every year you should be evaluating your coverage as your needs may change. Double check with your agent that everything is in order before packing that suitcase and locking your door behind you.

Safeguarding your property is just as important as keeping your own self safe. The two go hand-in-hand. Thwart the burglar before the burglary.

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