The Reasons You Were Declined After Your Life Insurance Application

Not all insurance companies think the same way when it comes to risks in insuring you for the future. Guaranteed life is available today without a medical exam for those who have health concerns. However, if you are in the process of purchasing a policy and are preparing for an exam, the following can result in a declined or postponed life insurance application, meaning they will look at your application again if the problem is fixed.

Obesity can vary greatly with different insurers and is based on your height to weight ratio. The importance of knowing your accurate weight is key. For example, if you state that you are 150 pounds but when weighed during the exam, you are 300, this can cause your life insurance application to be declined.

Motor vehicle reports do make a difference in your ability to get life insurance. If you have had several moving violations, DUIs and accidents, you want to let the agent know up front. An industry specialist can find a company that is more lenient when it comes to your driving history.

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Elevated liver functions can indicate an abnormal test for drinking. A few drinks here or there will not make a difference but stay away from a six pack a day. And if you do not drink, elevated levels could indicate a serious problem. Hepatitis and cirrhosis can affect your life insurance application.

Blood sugar levels, elevated cholesterol levels as well as glucose levels all play a part in determining whether you will be approved for life insurance. As a diabetic, you can get life insurance unless it is not being managed and coupled with other chronic problems.

Progressive diseases such as Parkinson’s may cause a problem but can be insured if caught early. This also accounts for diseases such as Lupus and others out of control immune system problems. Multiple Sclerosis is a deteriorating disorder but again if diagnosed in the early stages, insurers will authorize. HIV is almost always declined.

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