Sudden Deaths Among Notables Raise Questions

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In the past year, a string of notable deaths has raised interest among the public because of common factors and ambiguities reported in the obituaries.

The death of 54-year-old comedian David A. Arnold on September 8 is a recent example. “David passed away peacefully today in his home and doctors have ruled the cause of death due to natural causes,” Arnold’s family announced.

On July 14, Ivana Trump, the 73-year-old ex-wife of former President Donald Trump, was found dead in her home. A medical examiner’s report stated Ivana Trump died from “blunt impact injuries” after accidentally falling down a set of stairs in the house where she had lived for years. Trump was planning to leave on vacation to France the next day, her friend Nikki Haskell told The New York Post. Haskell said Mrs. Trump was looking forward to the trip after having been “totally locked down” during the pandemic because of a fear of COVID-19.

Another surprising death was that of Bob Saget, the 65-year-old comedian who died from blunt force trauma, according to his family. Saget was found unresponsive in his hotel room in January after having tweeted about a public performance just hours before.

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Young, Healthy, Deceased

The website lists more than 1,300 cases of young and healthy athletes experiencing cardiac arrest after receiving COVID-19 injections, more than 900 of which resulted in death.

In addition, musical artist GI Joe OMG died at 33 with no reported cause, wrote New York University professor Mark Crispen Miller on his Substack site News from Underground in September. In the same week, a 24-year-old aide to Vice President Kamala Harris “died unexpectedly of natural causes,” according to his family.

Also in September, the 22-year-old daughter of Rahway, New Jersey Mayor Raymond Giacobbe “died suddenly … following a recent medical procedure,” according to the New Jersey Globe.

On June 16, Rep. Sean Casten (D-IL) broke the news his teen daughter had been found dead in her room, apparently having died in her sleep.

“An exact cause has not been determined,” reported WLS-TV.

Miller says the corporate media go out of their way to find explanations other than the COVID-19 injections, such as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, for unexpected, sudden deaths, even when the victim’s injection status is public knowledge (see related article, opposite page).

“They are very pointedly denying it, always blacking out the fact that this or that dead person had been vaccinated,” Miller said.

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