Colonoscopy Strikes Fear in Over-50s

Fear is a major factor in convincing American seniors to avoid colonoscopy, despite the importance of the procedure to preventing colon cancer, says a survey from the Colon Cancer Alliance.

Misinformation could be one of the culprits behind the unjustified reaction to colonoscopy, the study says, pointing out that well over half of respondents cited the internet as their main source for facts about the procedure.

Half of the consumers who answered the survey said the colonoscopy itself was the easiest part of the procedure, while nearly three-quarters said the toughest part was bowel preparation, according to the CCA.

But being uncomfortable for a day or two is no comparison to being diagnosed with colon cancer. One woman commented that at age 40, four large polyps were removed and if she had waited until she was 45, she would not have lived. She is now 52 and thankful for the screening, which is a lifesaver. Sometimes, if you start days earlier in cutting down your solid food, it can make it easier.

The Colon Cancer Alliance also offers tips that can create a more effective test result. They offer a six day plan which creates meals and preparation products to drink. They also mention foods allowed prior as well as the foods to avoid.

Particularly for older men, a colonoscopy is an important diagnostic tool which can help a person stay cancer-free and enjoy lower life insurance rates.

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