Stay Safe On Your Bicycle This Year

This Spring as you hit the trails, put your helmets on and stay safe on your bicycle this year. Keep safety in mind. Check with your state’s rules of the road for bicycles.

As the warm weather approaches, so does the increase in pedestrian traffic. Bicycling has gained popularity as a mode of transportation this past decade. Plus, besides the cost-saving benefits of commuting on a bicycle, the health benefits are great.

City dwellers tend to find commuting via bicycle is a lot more economical with current gas prices and it keeps your body trim and muscles strengthened.

Bicycles are covered under renters and homeowners insurance. Insurance will reimburse you if the bicycle is stolen or damaged. Plus, if you have an expensive bicycle, adding additional coverage to your homeowners plan just to cover your loss if something should happen to your investment.

Personal property can cover the actual cash value of the bicycle or replacement coverage can reimburse you for the exact amount of money it would cost to replace the exact kind of bicycle.

You should also have liability protection in case you are involved in a bicycle accident and hurt someone else inadvertently.

Cyber Drive Illinois offers tips for bicycle safety and rules of the road for bicycle transportation in Illinois. Checking with your state is always an important step to understanding the rules of the road for bicycles to become fully informed.

Basic Safety Measures to Take While Bicycle Riding

  • Make sure your bicycle has the right equipment per your state rules
  • Obey all traffic laws and signals, the same as any other vehicle
  • When riding on sidewalks, open pedestrian rules and give right of way
  • Understand pavement markings
  • Use appropriate arm signals when making a turn
  • Know the meaning for the colors of road signs
  • Stay aware of your surroundings and ride cautiously

Always ride as close to the edge of the road as possible and always be aware of any kind of distraction, including your cell phone. Stay safe on your bicycle this year and be aware of the rules for your community on where to ride safely. Think Spring!

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