Smoking Causes Variety Of Health Insurance Risks

For decades, consumers have been warned that long-term smoking habits can eventually lead to lung cancer as well as significantly higher life insurance premiums, increased health insurance and overall high medical costs.

However, lung cancer is not the only serious medical condition that can be caused by smoking. A smaller number of people may be familiar with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), which is a common cause of death and serious illness around the world and is often triggered by a smoking habit.

According to the Mayo Clinic, damage to the lungs from COPD cannot be reversed, which is why treatment tends to focus on the control of symptoms and averting additional damage. The clinic’s website reports that the symptoms of COPD include:

  • Shortness of breath – more pronounced during physical activity
  • Wheezing
  • Tightness of the chest
  • Those in the later stages of COPD may also develop a barrel-shaped chest as a result of the lungs chronically being over-inflated with air and causing steady pressure on the rib cage

However, in many instances, your lungs can begin to heal in as little as 72 hours according to the American Lung Association and decrease your chances of lung cancer. According to the Attorney General, quitting smoking is the most important step you can take to improve your healthy even if you have smoked for many years. Second hand smoke is a danger to all who comes in contact so quitting smoking will improve eveyones health.

Children who live with smokers tend to be at a much higher risk for respiratory infections. The American Lung Association has an online program called Freedom from Smoking, a group clinic that is available for assistance. You should also talk to your doctor about nicotine supplements and what is the best route for you to take.

By quitting smoking, consumer can avert the dangerous health risks as well as high life and medical expenses that tend to be associated with tobacco usage. Also, keep in mind that life insurance rates are at an all-time low, which means it is advised to quit smoking in order to secure the best rate.

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