Should I Make a Claim if my Roof Collapsed?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, this winter has become one of the most costly. Near-record snowfall and murderous temperatures every year have resulted in losses from winter storms in the millions.

Losses included roof collapse, downed tree limbs and power lines, burst pipes and freezing. Auto accidents were also included in the claims that averaged over 175,000.

 “While most winter storm losses occur in northern and mountainous regions of the United States, this spate of severe cold has also affected millions of home and business owners in the south, many of whom were unprepared for such extreme conditions.” said Dr. Robert Hartwig, I.I.I. president.

If winter weather continues and so does damage to your home or car, having an insurance provider that you trust is essential. Making a claim can have a negative impact on your insurance depending on your history of claims. Claim history can also increase premiums especially if you have had several in a five year span. You may not be able to be renewed.

Also, it is important to consider cost. How much it will cost to repair? You need to weigh the cost of your deductible. If the damage or loss is minimal, you might want to think twice about making a claim. Most deductibles are set around $500-1,000.

If you make a claim, your claim representative will provide forms that describe the loss of property or damage. Make sure you have complete descriptions that include manufacture names, models; numbers, age of items and purchase price. Other information may be necessary.

After you have reported the claim, a representative may visit to see the damage for inspection only. If damage is to your home and you cannot live there, talk to your representative and save receipts for living expenses.

For car insurance if you carry comprehensive, generally damage from nature will be covered.

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