Severe Weather Ahead

As we wind down the week, with lightening safety awareness, weather potential for severe storms is still a threat for the Northern Plains and upper Midwest. Severe storms that produce hail, dangerous lightening, flooding and the threat of tornadoes can be expected for the next few days.

The following are last minute suggestions to prepare for stormy weather ahead.

If in business, make sure that you have an up-to-date copy of a disaster recovery plan and make sure your employees are informed. Make sure an emergency generator is working effectively. Make sure corporate records are in a safe place

If at home, get your groceries now and dedicate a section of your pantry for canned food and bottled water. Batteries in flash lights should always be working. Make sure elderly or home bound friends and family have what they need before a storm hits. Don’t wait until a disaster strikes.

Sirens are designed to warn people outside so not the best alert when in your home and especially at night while asleep; sometimes with other interruptions, you may not hear them in time.  You can purchase your own personal siren in a weather radio. You can also register your cell phone to receive alerts and it is free. It works well since most have their cell phone with them at all times.

As Racine County Emergency Management Coordinator David Maack pointed out in a recent column, “For years people relied on outdoor warning sirens as their primary means of warning. However, there are limitations to outdoor warning sirens.”

“They are not designed to be heard indoors, especially in newer, more energy-efficient and better insulated homes with additional electronic noise (like air conditioners, stereos or television) on,” Maack said.

Many are never properly insured so check with your insurance agent to make sure you have the right coverage especially if you live in a hurricane or flood area. Standard homeowners insurance is not enough. And boarding up windows generally does not work though you should research shutters and roof clips that may help avoid costly damage in the long run.

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