Report: Personalized Medical Treatment and Health Insurance Could be Wave of the Future

Personalized medical treatment and health insurance individually tailored to each patient is set to become a growth industry in the near future, according to an article in the San Jose Business Journal.

One of the main benefits to the new system is its ability to bring healthcare costs down, experts told the publication, which also reported that a major conference on the subject in January 2011.

“There are more companies involved in this initiative, this new industry sector of personalized medicine, here in Silicon Valley than anywhere else in the world,” said Brook Byers, a partner at a venture capital firm.

According to the Business Journal, Byers said the major breakthroughs in the field were in the area of diagnostics, focusing on reading genetic information to predict future illnesses.

Until such fine diagnostics are available, however, experts warn that it’s important for people to get as much preventative care and personalized medical treatment as possible to help ward off more serious conditions down the road.

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