Remembrance Highlights The Importance Of Life Insurance

D-Day is when US soldiers, Allied troops, and French citizens lost their lives in the largest seaborne invasion to date.

During this invasion, waves of Allied troops stormed the Northern coastline of France to help liberate both the country and its people from Nazi oppression with the ultimate goal of ending the war.

Despite months of preparation, collaboration among Allied troops and countless hours of military training, unexpected obstacles arose that cost the lives of thousands of individuals. Fortunately their efforts paid off, as D-Day will forever be known as one of the greatest US military achievements.

Many of the men and woman who fought during WWII were not professional soldiers, but rather selfless citizens who gave up their previous professions to help aid the war efforts by fighting for the common good.

As with the nature of war, many of these dedicated soldiers never made it home. The United States alone lost roughly 420,000 soldiers during WWII. And whether living or deceased, their hard work and dedication should never be forgotten, especially tomorrow being the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

With war being so unpredictable, certain precautionary measures should be taken to prevent any additional tragedies from occurring. For example, soldiers who have families and/or dependents should consider taking out a life insurance policy to financially protect these individuals, if anything were to happen to them.

A life insurance policy is built to protect the economic well-being of one’s beneficiaries when they die. It helps bridge the gap between what they have and what they need in order to survive. While no one wants to think about death, securing a life insurance policy early on will not only protect one’s beneficiaries but will also ensure that one’s legacy will continue to live on.

Today, set aside some time to remember those soldiers who selflessly fought for our freedom. Personally thank the veterans who are close to your heart and make efforts to protect those who depend on you.

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