Dangers of Marijuana Usage

Brewer and Shipley are a rock duo whose success peaked in the late 1960s and 70s. They were previously known for their greatest music accomplishment, One Toke over the Line, which they wrote as a joke. The song is about drugs, especially marijuana, and excess use. Marijuana is still a hot topic when it comes to legalization and the harm it could create.

According to the National Institute for Drug Abuse, a new review published in the New England Journal of Medicine, presents why marijuana is so toxic.

Marijuana is addictive and the report suggests that it can increase vulnerability to other drugs. It also reviews how marijuana is more potent today than the chemical combo in the past. And what about the effects of secondhand smoke and the potential for physical effects? Research is still developing on that front.

Not only can marijuana, with persistent uses, create mental decline, a current study has suggested that marijuana can lower one’s IQ. Participants in a study of over 1,000 individuals were followed from birth in the early 1970s to age 38. Neurological testing was conducted at age 13 before drug use and then again at 38. Cognitive problems were present and even the cessation of smoking cannabis did not fully restore function. It especially posed more harm in younger groups.

Marijuana is one of the most common illicit drugs used in the United States. But research has shown that marijuana is not all doom and gloom when used for medical treatment; in fact, some states are in the process of reviewing current legislation. Studies have shown that the drug can reduce risk of seizures in epilepsy, help slow the acceleration of Alzheimer’s and help those who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, just to name a few.

Maryland approved the use in April and Minnesota just last month. The New York Senate has put their decision on a back burner for the time being. Several states have proposed bills for medical marijuana and all have different restrictions.

Many, however, are not allowing smoking marijuana regardless of medical conditions.

Over a year ago, Washington and Colorado legalized recreational marijuana sales to generate millions in tax dollars. Currently, Washington has had problems. Over three hundred licenses are to be issued throughout the state but cities and counties have been putting bans on the marijuana businesses. Washington has not established locations as of yet.

On the other hand, Colorado has seen a sizable profit during the first three months of legalized sales and marijuana supporters claim that crimes are down this year. But, home explosions are on the rise due to those attempting to brew their own blend.

And how do life insurance companies feel about all this?

If you smoke marijuana, you are considered a smoker and in most scenarios may not be turned down but rather receive a cigarette smokers rate. It also depends on how much you smoke, according to some life insurance company tables.

When applying for a policy and taking a medical exam, be aware that marijuana can stay in the blood stream two to three days after use; but, if a heavy user, two to three weeks is not uncommon. It can remain in the urine for up to a month for a consistent user.

Those that smiled as they toked to Brewer and Shipley’s lyrics years ago are now being studied for effects of long-term use. Recent studies show that recreational use and possible medicinal prescriptions may not be perfectly safe.

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