Obama Passes Law That Will Make Schools Healthier

Schools throughout the country may now become a lot healthier after President Barack Obama recently signed a child nutrition bill into effect.

The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 was designed to provide more nutritional school meals to students. In particular, it will improve the quality of breakfasts, lunches and vending machines. There will be nutritional programs implemented into the academic arena such as the Child and Adult Care Food Programs, which the government hopes will strengthen the foundation of the food movement in schools.

The bill addresses poverty-stricken children that cannot afford a meal every day, which is why the law calls for free food for kids that fall under this category. This act is in response to the growing obesity problem in America’s youth, which has led to an increase in disease, including diabetes. “This act is about doing what is right for children,” said president Obama in a televised press conference.

Obesity is an issue nationwide, as the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control says that 33 states had a prevalence of 25 percent or greater in 2009. It may be possible that these nutritional changes in schools will help children learn to follow a healthy lifestyle. Those who are healthier may see lower life insurance premiums.

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