Mothers Day Gift of Life Insurance: Tony’s Story

Tony’s wife of more than 40 years had passed away after many years of a chronic illness. Besides a grieving husband, she left behind their daughter who had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Tony had just retired after many years of long hours in the workforce but he still felt financially responsible for the extra costs needed to take care of his adult daughter and his aging home.

He eventually decided to put the house on the market and hope for the best. He would have to sell as is; the money was just not there to repair it or improve market value. He found a buyer but the proceeds would n ot be enough to allow him to live where he wanted. How would he plan for his daughter?

He was overwhelmed with stress, ambiguity and unanswered questions until he received a check. The check was for a life insurance policy taken out on his wife. Right before selling the house, he found the policy and thought it would be worth an insignificant amount, but that was not the case. Not only could he accept the purchase price on the home, but he had enough to move out of state and purchase a town home that he put in a trust for his daughter who was terminally ill.

Today, this gentleman, who lived to be 90, has passed away but was able to live out his final days in peace with his granddaughter, great grandchildren and, of course, his daughter– knowing that she would always be protected.

As we approach Mother’s Day in celebration of those women who have sacrificed to make their children’s life great, talk to an insurance agent about the gift of life insurance for your family.

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