Microchip System Could Provide Cancer Early Warning System

A new microchip system becomes a game-changing medical breakthrough that could aid in the early detection of cancerous tumors.

According to the Boston Globe, researchers at Mass General Hospital are expected to announce a collaboration with Johnson and Johnson today to fine-tune a new system for diagnosing cancer.

According to the Globe, the system is based on an experimental microchip that allows doctors to skip complicated and expensive biopsy procedures in some cases and instead administer a quick blood test to detect a tumor.

In addition to providing a new option for simple diagnostics, the blood test could provide physicians with unprecedented insight into the efficacy and progress of certain types of cancer treatments, allowing them to fine-tune their approach to the deadly disease and potentially saving countless lives.

Dr. Daniel Haber, director of MGH’s cancer center, told the Globe that the new system has a lot of potential.

“You might be able to pick up any tumor which invades into the blood system, and that could mean there is a chance of catching tumors before they spread,” he said.

According to experts, such a breakthrough could result in increased life expectancy as well as lower health-care costs.

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