Many Potential Carcinogens Require Further Research

Researchers are continuing to focus on a variety of different materials that are suspected of causing cancer, but which remain subject to incomplete research.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) reported that there are 20 suspected carconigens that need further investigation as to whether they cause cancer in humans. Among the items on the list were diesel fumes, formaldehyde and titanium dioxide.

“There is significant concern among the public about substances or exposures in the environment that may cause cancer, and there are some common occupational agents and exposure circumstances where evidence of carcinogenicity is substantial but not yet conclusive for humans,” said Elizabeth Ward, PhD., vice president, Surveillance and Health Policy Research at the American Cancer Society and lead author of the report.

The ACS also reports that more than 569,000 Americans are expected to die of cancer this year, amounting to more than 1,500 per day or one out of every four deaths.

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