Lower Your BMI and Lower Your Life Insurance Premiums

If you lose excess weight to lower your BMI, or Body Mass Index, you can obtain lower life insurance premiums. BMI and age are the top two factors setting your premium amount. Therefore, weight loss can lower your life insurance premium.

Health care researchers are  finding that the medical problems that can saddle people with high costs often beginning in childhood. This is particularly the case with obesity, a problem that has become more pronounced in school systems across the country.

Schools have tried to respond to the obesity problem by implementing new steps to make healthier food available in cafeterias and to stop selling products like soda. However, there have also been warnings that along with diet, children need a greater emphasis on physical activities in order to maintain a healthy weight later in life.

A report in the Houston Chronicle says that more than two-thirds of the school children in Texas were unable to pass the state’s basic physical fitness test this year. According to the newspaper, third-grade girls had the best results, with 37 percent passing all six of the tests included in the assessment.

The newspaper quotes Sarah Barlow of the Center for Childhood Obesity as saying the results are “very concerning” and “very dramatic.” By addressing weight issues early in life, people are likely to live longer and avoid the high health and life insurance costs that come with chronic health conditions like diabetes.

You can’t do anything about your age, but your weight is something under your control. Lower your BMI and lower your life insurance premium.

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