5 Tips on Locating a Life Insurance Company Home Office

What is the best way to locate the home office of a life insurance company?

There are many situations where it is necessary to locate the home office of an insurer. One place to start is a local phone book and the number of the company’s local office. This office, in turn, can often refer callers to the address of their home office. Here is a list of some alternatives:

1. Many company websites have the company’s contact information, including the location of the home office. These websites can usually be found by using common internet search engines, such as Google.

2. Call the office of the state insurance commissioner. Detailed records of insurance companies licensed to do business in the state will be available here. State insurance commissioner offices will also track the mergers, acquisitions, and liquidations of insurance companies.

3. Visit the website of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) at: www.naic.org. The NAIC is an organization of insurance regulators from the fifty states, the District of Columbia, and four United States territories. From this website, there is a direct link to most state insurance departments.

4. Visit the website of the A.M. Best Company at: www.ambest.com/resource/insdir.html

This is the location of A.M. Best’s searchable database of nearly 7,000 insurance companies.

5. Review About.com’s “Big List” of insurance company home pages at: www.insurance.about.com/blbiglist.htm.

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